Clinton visit to India to focus on non-proliferation

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    Clinton visit to India to focus on non-proliferation - Xinhua |

    NEW DELHI, April 28 (Xinhua) -- The U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will focus her India visit early next month on the issue of non-proliferation, reported the Press Trust of India on Saturday.

    "The Secretary will be in India, both in Delhi and in Calcutta. She'll have a chance in the context of our bilateral dialogue to talk about the full range of issues, including non-proliferation issues," the U.S. State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland was quoted as saying in Washington.

    The spokesman was responding to questions on the Agni V intercontinental missile test by India this month and a later medium-range missile test by Pakistan, according to the report.

    The U.S. had then called for restraint of such tests.

    Hillary Clinton is due to visit India on May 6 after visiting China and Bangladesh.
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    What India has to do India will do with its own pace though.

    The Chinese bleeding piles has worsen more after Agni - 5 and their machinery from propaganda to diplomatic efforts especially in western countries is more proactive trying to do fearmongering.

    The whole episode of Pakistan testing its Saddam Hussain era rocket following A-5 which was not even for them makes sense here now. Pakistan was doing it for China and the purpose was not to level the score but scare western world that the arm race is on when they are no where at the same league or parity with India in any regard militarily.

    Like I said What India has to do India will do with its own pace though, but its worth mentioning about these Pakistani and Chinese ['Marasee' (Bafoon) and the Clown] nexuses and their funny tricks.

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