China and Uzbekistan celebrate Central Asia's longest railway tunnel | CCTV

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    China's Belt and Road program is constructing modern infrastructure through Central Asia. In another news article, they said it used to require four days to traverse the Qurama Mountains. With China's modern railway tunnel, the travel time has been reduced to four hours.

    Chinese, Uzbek leaders hail inauguration of Central Asia's longest railway tunnel | CCTV

    "Built by the China Railway Tunnel Group, the tunnel goes through Qurama Mountains and is the longest of its kind in Central Asia. Construction on the project began in 2013 and was completed in February this year.

    'It is a major achievement of the Belt and Road Initiative that China and Uzbekistan are jointly promoting, and also a new link of friendship and cooperation connecting the peoples of both countries,' Xi said.

    Karimov said the inauguration of the railway tunnel is a major event in the economic and social development of Uzbekistan, which greatly benefits the Uzbek people. He expressed gratitude to China for its assistance."

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