Cameron Hints at F-35 JSF U-turn

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    UK PM Hints at F-35 Joint Strike Fighter U-turn

    By British Forces Broadcasting Service on Friday, March 23rd, 2012

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    The Prime Minister told MPs today his Government was prepared to change defence purchases when the costs change, amid speculation of an embarrassing U-turn on fighters for Britain's new aircraft carriers.
    David Cameron said the approach marked a stark change from the last Labour government, suggesting money had been wasted previously.
    Speaking at Prime Minister's Questions, Labour MP Tom insisted the Strategic Defence and Security Review was "unravelling".
    Ministers are said to be considering whether to revert to the original plan on carrier jets by the former Labour government to acquire the F-35B "jump jet" variant of the Joint Strike Fighter.
    That proposal was dropped in the 2010 SDSR which opted instead to switch to the F-35C carrier version, which has a longer range, can carry more weapons and is interoperable with the French and US navies.
    Mr Greatrex said: "You may recall that at the time of the SDSR you described it as a mistake and an error to use the short take-off, vertical landing variant of the JSF.
    "As the Ministry of Defence is about to perform a U-turn on that decision to rescind that original decision, don't you now accept and understand the real mistake and error has been in a defence review that has been inadequate and is fast unravelling."
    Mr Cameron said: "The real mistake and error was inheriting a £38 billion black hole in the defence budget.
    "What the Defence Secretary wants is to be the first Defence Secretary in a generation to announce a balanced and funded budget for defence this year and for many years to come.
    "That is what we are discussing. We will look at all of the evidence, all of the costings - and costings as you know will change in defence.
    "But I do make this pledge. Unlike previous governments, if costs change, and if facts change, we won't just plough on regardless and make wrong decisions for political reasons.
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