Boeing to partner DRDO, ISRO -helping hand in developing AMCA

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    Feb 7: Aerospace behemoth Boeing plans to make the most of opportunities tossed up by removal of technology embargo with offers to partner Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) and Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) in major projects.

    The aerospace major has picked two key projects—the advanced medium combat aircraft (ACMA) being designed by DRDO and human space programme of ISRO—as ones with potential for partnership in future.

    “We believe that DRDO is looking for international partners in design and development of AMCA, so we are keen to join hands. With our legacy in space exploration design, development and integration, we believe that we can provide value-added assistance to the human space flight programme.

    The areas of potential cooperation include Launch Escape System (LES), Vehicle Health Monitoring System and Abort Triggers (VHMSAT), Life Support System, Crew Accommodations and other areas such as reusable space systems and composite cryogenic tanks,” Dr Vivek Lall, Vice President, Boeing Defense, Space & Security – India, told Deccan Chronicle.

    Dr Lall welcomed the Union government’s latest defence procurement policy (DPP) saying it would promote indigenous capability and giving a boost to the global competitiveness of the country’s public and private defense industry.

    “Boeing has demonstrated considerable expertise in meeting offset requirements around the world and is offering India the expertise and knowledge that has been gained from projects. Currently, Boeing has more than 60 industrial programmes worth more than $18 billion in 24 countries around the world. Boeing has completed programs totaling more than $41 billion in nearly 40 countries over the past 30 years.”

    He said at Aero India 2011, Boeing would display two F/A-18 Super Hornet fighters as along with the simulator. “The F/A-18 Super Hornet simulator is part of the International Roadmap that Boeing is previewing at the air show. Among other things, the simulator will feature the next generation cockpit that our customers can experience in India during the show.

    The International Super Hornet Roadmap is the next evolution of the Super Hornet for international customers. The significant difference with the International Super Hornet Roadmap will be the ability for customers to define future capabilities based on their requirements,” he added.

    so should drdo go for it or reject it
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    I see this step as a lollypop to get MRCA in USA favour . USA will sign the deal promising to help with AMCA but how much actual help will be ? in case of USA they may stop transfer of technology or any further improvement sighting any of their internal / external security law. Agencies like SAAB would have been better choice as they are less prone to political interference .
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    Easier said than accomplished. It'll take years before LM/NG/Boeing get approval from Congress to start working with DRDO/ISRO on high-end projects mentioned.. Also removal of DRDO/ISRO from black list might be just symbolic as major questions are still unanswered & will involve many rounds of approval not just from US but also from Indian industries.

    AMCA/Human space flight programme are very crucial & should be close-chest guarded keeping them secret as like ATV. Its not just about ability of foreign player to meet offset requirement. I feel funny for US defense majors who think they can easily lure any nation & its state DPSUs.

    And most of all, does DRDO/ISRO need external help now? Take sufficient time & develop technologies on our own or forget the dream of indigenous products or self-sufficient India.
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    NOT AGAIN! Last time Americans joined LCA and we were delayed by 10 years. AMCA if something goes wrong in US will again sanction us.

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