Army Looking for Gear to Protect Troops From AK-47 Bullets

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    For providing its personnel protection against the lethal bullets of rifles such as AK-47, the Indian Army has issued tenders to procure around two lakh bullet-proof jackets and helmets for its troops deployed in counter-insurgency operations.

    The two tenders were issued last year under Army's modernisation programme of its Infantry soldiers known as the Future-Infantry Soldier as a System (F-INSAS) under which it will acquire 1,86,168 bulletproof jackets for its personnel along with ballistic helmets with internal communication gear.

    "We have participated in both the tenders to supply these bullet-proof jackets and ballistic helmets with internal communication facilities," Indian firm MKU's Managing Director Neeraj Gupta said here.

    He said his firm has responded to the bids issued by the Army under the category in which only six Indian vendors have been allowed to compete.

    Gupta said after acquiring a German manufacturing facility, his firm has supplied protective gear to more than 100 international forces and they have been used by them in conflict zones such as Iraq and Afghanistan.

    As per the Army's requirement, it wants jackets with hard armour plates for front, rear, sides, upper arms, groin and throat, capable of protecting against 7.62mm x 39mm mild steel core ammunition fired from an AK-47 from 10 metres.

    The Army is deployed in counter-insurgency operations for several decades in North East and Jammu and Kashmir and has been facing shortage of these protective gear as pointed out by the Comptroller and Auditor General in its recent report.

    Gupta said his firm is looking towards providing armoured protection to military helicopters that operate in insurgent and terrorist-infested areas in the country.

    Army Looking for Gear to Protect Troops From AK-47 Bullets - The New Indian Express

    MKU is one of the Indian companies competing.

    About MKU Pvt. Ltd.

    MKU Pvt. Ltd. is one of the world's leading manufacturer and suppliers of personal and platform ballistic protection solutions with a direct presence in over 70 countries around the world.

    MKU uses the best quality materials and has introduced various innovative products and solutions as a result of its R&D efforts in which it has invested heavily. MKU's infrastructure spans 3 state of art factories in India and Germany.

    MKU has spent the last 25 years building up a broad product portfolio that includes ballistic vests, ballistic helmets and other personal protection products for military and security forces as well as Platform armouring solutions for aircrafts, land vehicles, naval vessels and static structures.
    It is in the process of setting up one of the most modern facilities for the manufacture of Night Vision Devices and Day sights.

    MKU is a registered NATO supplier, and all its manufacturing facilities are certified to ISO 9001:2008, AS 9100 & ISO 14000 standards. It is the only company in India with AS 9100 certification for aircraft armouring & solutions.

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