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Special Durood e pak with countless blessings for all our indian muslim brothers

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    Isnt Durood E Pak, a Urdu Word? If So, How is it, mentioned in the all the Hadith Quoted, Shouldnt it be in Arabic? If its Urdu, Whats the Arabic for it? Forgive my Ignorance. God Speed

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    salat o salam-persian
    durood o salam-urdu
    durood shareef-urdu
    durood e pak-urdu

    Salaam, (also Durood o Salaam in Urdu) is commonly translated as peace or blessings or salutations. One such Salaam, written by a prominent Islamic scholar, Ahmed Raza Khan Barelvi is very popular and normally recited after Jumu'ah throughout the world.[citation needed] and is known as Salam-e-Raza.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ahmedsid View Post
    Isnt Durood E Pak, a Urdu Word? If So, How is it, mentioned in the all the Hadith Quoted, Shouldnt it be in Arabic? If its Urdu, Whats the Arabic for it? Forgive my Ignorance. God Speed
    i see ali has given detailed reply.
    Main tere naseeb ki barish nahi Jo tujh pe baras jaon
    Tujhe taqdeer badalni hogi mujhe panay ke liye....!!!!
    मैं तेरे नसीब की बारिश नहीं जो तुझ पे बरस जाऊं,
    तुझे तकदीर बदलनी होगी मुझे पाने के लिए ....!!!!
    'میں تیرے نصیب کی بارش نہیں جو تجھ پہ برس جاؤں
    تجھے تقدیر بدلنی ہوگی مجھے پانے کے لئے
    "I'm not the rain of your fortune that i'll fall on you.You've to change your fate in order to get me."

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    Baba Tajuddin Aulia Nagpuri. Taji Sufi Order. Ummah Tajia Organization
    Durood... A True Essence of Life

    In the name of Almighty Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

    You might have gone through this word frequently and being a Muslim it is near to impossible to ignore the importance and basic necessity of Hadith e Mubarek. Hadith are considered as “ Juzz e Iman” the basic in core of Islam and it is mandatory for all Muslims to read, write and memorized Hadith Al mubarkeh for there success in this life and life after.

    You can evaluate and make judgment by that on the day of judgment when each and every thing will be demolished with the willing of Almighty Allah still there at that time The Durood – e- Pak will be reciting by Almighty Allah. As this is mentioned in Holy Quran.

    Allah and his angels pays respect to Holy Prophet Mohammed ( SallAllah Hualih e wassalum), So,O people you also recite and pay respect to Holy Prophet Mohammed ( SallAllah Hualih e wassalum)

    Please read through with few of Hadith which can guide you and magnifies the importance of Hadith in our daily life. And also why it is so important to implementation in our daily life.

    Durood - The True Path of Jannah

    Hadith narrated by Companion of Holy Prophet Mohammed (SallAllah Hualih e wassalum) Hazrat Ibn e Abbas (Radi Allah Huanhuma)

    "He who forgets to read the Durood Shareef, has certainly forgotten the path to Jannah".
    (Al Qolul Badi)

    On another occasion Holy Prophet Mohammed (SallAllah Hualih e wassalum) said,

    "On the Day of Qiyamah (Dooms Day) there will be people who will be ordered to enter Jannah (heaven) , but will not find the path to Jannah".

    When the Sahiba heared this the inquired for more details and asked as to what the reason for this would be, Holy Prophet Mohammed (SallAllah Hualih e wassalum) replied,

    "There will be individuals who did not read the Durood Shareef when they heard my name being mentioned". (Nuzhatul Majaalis)

    This explains the importance and the necessity of reading Durood frequently, On another occasion as narrated by Hazrat Abu Hurairah (radi Allahu anhu) that Holy Prophet Mohammed (SallAllah Hualih e wassalum) said,

    "He who has forgotten to read the Durood Shareef, has truly forgotten the path to Jannah". (Al Qolul Badi)

    Which means all the dedications and attentions of a human being towards the good deeds and if he forgotten to read the Durood Shareef Holy Prophet Mohammed (SallAllah Hualih e wassalum) he / she cannot find the ultimate fruit and rewards by forgotten the path of Jannah.

    Deprive of Recognizing

    Sayyidah Ayesha Siddiqa (radi Allahu anha) narrates that Holy Prophet Mohammed (SallAllah Hualih e wassalum) said,

    "There will be three individuals who will be deprived of recognizing me. The first is he who does not obey his parents. The second is he who abandons my Sunnah. The third is he who does not read the Durood Shareef when my name is mentioned". (Al Qolul Badi)

    Hadith 13 : Sayyidah Ayesha Siddiqa (radi Allahu anha) narrates that during the last few moments of the Sehri (breakfast for fasting) she had lost the light of the candle and also the needle that she was sewing with. Suddenly, Holy Prophet Mohammed (SallAllah Hualih e wassalum) arrived. Due to the brilliant light (Nur) from his face, she found the lost needle. When she commented about how brilliant the features of Holy Prophet Mohammed (SallAllah Hualih e wassalum) was, He replied,
    "Destruction is for that person who would not be able to see my face on the day of Qiyamah". When asked as to who that person would be, He replied. "That person who is a miser, and the miser is he who does not read the Durood Shareef when hearing my name". (Nuzhatun Naazireen).

    Etiquettes of Gathering

    Hazrat Jaabir (radi Allahu anhu) narrates that Holy Prophet Mohammed (SallAllah Hualih e wassalum) said,

    "When a group of people gather and then arise without having mentioned Almighty Allah and not having recited the Durood Shareef, then it is as if they have arisen after consuming rotten flesh". (Al Qolul Badi)

    Hazrat Abu Sa'eed Khudri (radi Allahu anhu) narrates that Holy Prophet Mohammed (SallAllah Hualih e wassalum) said,

    "When people sit in any gathering without reading the Durood Shareef, even though some will enter Jannah, they will be full of regrets". (Regret when looking at the lofty position achieved by others who were in the habit of reading the Durood Shareef) (Al Qolul Badi)

    Hazrat Abu Hurairah (radi Allahu anhu) narrates that Holy Prophet Mohammed (SallAllah Hualih e wassalum) said,

    "Those individuals who sit in any gathering without having remembered Almighty Allah or read the Durood Shareef, they will experience hardship on the Day of Qiyamah. Thereafter, it will be the Divine Wish of Almighty Allah whether or not He allocates to them punishment or reward". (Al Qolul Badi).

    Indication of Greatest Miser

    Holy Prophet Mohammed (SallAllah Hualih e wassalum) said,

    "Certainly that person is a miser who does not read the Durood Shareef when my name is mentioned in front of him". (Mishkaat)

    Hazrat Anas (radi Allahu anhu) narrates that Holy Prophet Mohammed (SallAllah Hualih e wassalum) said,

    "May I show you who among the misers is the greatest of misers? It is he who does not read the Durood Shareef when in front of whom my name is mentioned". (Al Qolul Badi)

    Hazrat Jarraad (radi Allahu anhu) narrates that Holy Prophet Mohammed (SallAllah Hualih e wassalum) said,

    "When I am remembered in front of any individual, and the individual does not read the Durood Shareef, he will certainly enter Hell". (Al Qolul Badi)

    Holy Prophet Mohammed (SallAllah Hualih e wassalum) said,

    "It is an injustice that when I am mentioned in front of an individual, he does not read the Durood Shareef". (Al Qolul Badi)

    Sayyiduna Jaabir (radi Allahu anhu) narrates that Holy Prophet Mohammed (SallAllah Hualih e wassalum) ascended the Mimbar. When He (SallAllah Hualih e wassalum) had climbed the first step He (SallAllah Hualih e wassalum) said, "Aameen". He also said "Aameen" each time He (SallAllah Hualih e wassalum) climbed the second and third steps. When the Sahiba (companions) asked Him (SallAllah Hualih e wassalum) about this, He (SallAllah Hualih e wassalum) replied,

    "When I had climbed the first step, Sayyiduna Jibra'el Ameen presented himself and said, 'Unfortunate is that person who finds the Month of Ramadaan and let it pass by without being forgiven'. To this, I replied, Aameen. "On the second step Sayyiduna Jibra'el said, 'Unfortunate indeed is that person who in his lifetime has his parents or at least one of them, yet (by being of service to them), he did not achieve Jannah'. To this, I replied, Aameen. "On the third step Sayyiduna Jibra'el said, 'Unfortunate indeed also is that person in front of whom you are mentioned (O Muhammad) sallal laahu alaihi wasallam, yet he does not read the Durood Shareef'. I again replied, Aameen". (Bukhari Shareef)

    It is recorded that a hunter captured a buck and was passing by Holy Prophet Mohammed (SallAllah Hualih e wassalum). Almighty Allah gave the buck the power of speech. Addressing Holy Prophet Mohammed (SallAllah Hualih e wassalum), the buck pleaded,

    "O Prophet of Allah! I have little ones who are in need of milk. At this moment they are very hungry. Please command the hunter to release me so that I can feed them and then return".

    Holy Prophet Mohammed (SallAllah Hualih e wassalum) asked her what would happen if she did not return.

    The buck replied,

    "If I do not return then the Curse of Almighty Allah will be upon me as the Curse of Almighty Allah is upon that person who does not read the Durood Shareef when you are mentioned. The curse of Almighty Allah is also upon that person who performs the Salaah but does not read the Du'a after it".

    Holy Prophet Mohammed (SallAllah Hualih e wassalum) then ordered the hunter to release the buck as she would return as promised after feeding her young. A few minutes later the buck did return. At that moment Sayyiduna Jibra'el Ameen presented himself to Holy Prophet Mohammed (SallAllah Hualih e wassalum) and declared,

    "O Prophet of Allah! Almighty Allah sends His Salaams to you and has declared, 'By My Respect and Magnificence! I am certainly more merciful upon your followers (O Muhammad) than this buck upon its young. I would also return your followers to you as this buck has return to you'". (Al Qolul Badi)

    Holy Prophet Mohammed (SallAllah Hualih e wassalum) said,

    "All those deeds which do not begin with the remembrance of Almighty Allah and the recital of the Durood Shareef are deeds without blessing and divorced from all good".
    (Mutaali'ul Musarraat)

    "O Humblest One, Prayers and salutes on You Lots and lots of Durood and millions and billions of Salam All Genes and All Human, proud to be your slaves ASSALATO WASSALAM ALIKAH YAH RASOOL Allah

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    "O Allah! Shower blessings on Muhammad, our master, in the number that is in Thy knowledge such blessings as may continue for ever eternal as Thy Kingdom".

    This Durood Shareef is of a very great value. If it is recited only once, it amounts to all the rewards of all the Duroods. By reciting this Durood, one gets peace of mind and success in this world as well as in the next. After reciting this Durood Shareef, the reciter can claim that he has recited almost all the Duroods which are in this world known to the people. During days of upheavals, this Durood Shareef brings relief, success and true happiness. It is mostly the Saints and very pious people who recite this Durood after every prayer. They also recommended this Durood Shareef to all the needy.

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    "O Allah! Send blessings on Muhammad, our chief the unlettered Apostle and his Family Thy favours and thy Salutations.

    Hazrat Shah Wali'ullah Dehlvi (radi Allahu anhu) said that his father commanded him to recite the above Durood Shareef as it was the best one.

    Hazrat Abu Hurairah (radi Allahu anhu), a close companion of Sayyiduna Rasoolullah (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallim), has said that if a person recites this Durood eighty times on Friday (after evening prayers), then his sins equivalent to 80 years will be forgiven.

    This is a very important Durood Shareef which brings forth immediate success and satisfaction to the heart and the mind.

    Hazrat Zarar bin Auzar (radi Allahu anhu), another companion of the Holy Prophet (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallim) says that he used to recite this Durood Shareef and fight with the non-believers. In every battle, he saw that success kissed his feet, and he never lost any battle on any day.

    10. DUROOD-E-ALI

    "O Allah! Bestow blessing and bounty on our Prophet and on his wives, who are the Mothers of the Faithful, and on his descendants and on the members of his Household in the manner as Thou conferred blessings on Prophet Ibrahim. Verily, thou art the Praiseworthy and the Glorious".

    Hazrat Ali (radi Allahu anhu) said that if any one wishes that he should get the maximum reward for one Durood alone, then he must recite the above Durood Shareef.


    "O Allah! Send thy blessings on our Master, Muhammad, whose light was created before anything else in this world and whose appearance became mercy and signal boon for all the creatures, equivalent to all those created previously and hereafter equal in number with the lucky and unlucky ones; and send thy blessing and bounties on him in the number which is impossible to be counted even, and which may be spread all over, and also that kindness and mercy which has neither beginning nor end, and which is always fresh and fine with your kindness, and the same blessings on his Family and Companions permanently".

    This Durood Shareef was very dear and near to Hazrat Ghaus-e-Azam, Sheikh Abdul Qaadir Jilani (radi Allahu anhu) of Baghdad Shareef. He ended all his lectures, recitations and writings with this Durood. It is for this reason that it is called Durood-e-Ghausia. It is very sacred, very important, very effective and 100% success.

    The Saints says that if a man recites this Durood Shareef 10 times in the morning and 10 times in the evening, Allah Ta'ala fetches him nearer and nearer and loves him a lot. The reciter becomes a Saint himself. Apart from this, he will be safe from all the catastrophes of the world. The Mercy of Allah will start pouring upon him endlessly.


    "O Allah! May Thy grace and peace rest upon Muhammad, our Master, the Prophet of Arabia of Quraish Tribe, of Hashmite Family of Mecca and of Madinah, who is the wearer of the Holy Cap, the one who ascended the Heavens and fought holy wars and achieved boons and bounties, the one who has place of praise and who is in-charge of Kausar Fountain, and one ever-bowed in supplication of Allah (and Allah alone)".

    Hazrat Sheikh Mohi'uddin Ibn-e-Arabi (radi Allahu anhu) popularly known as "Sheikh-e-Akbar" has disclosed a number of benefits of this Durood. It is the most sacred, accepted and appreciated of Durood Shareefs.


    "O Allah! Shower Thy blessings on our Hazrat Muhammad who is light, actual light and mystery amongst the mysteries, and the leader of excellents".

    This is one of the the best Salawat in this world, and mostly Saints and pious religious leaders recite it daily without fail.


    "O Allah! Grant Thy blessings and Thy peace and Thy bounty to our Hazrat Muhammad, and on Adam, and on Nuh, and on Ibrahim, and on Musa, and on I'sa, and on those Prophets who were sent during the period between each of them. Blessings on Allah and His peace be on them all".


    "O Allah! Shower Thy beneficence on Hazrat Muhammad, Thy slave and Thy Messenger, the Prophet who could neither read nor write, and on the House of Muhammad. O Allah! Shower Thy blessings on Muhammad, and on his House such blessings as may earn Thy Pleasure, and as may recompensate him as will be goodly need of his merit, and grant him the way of approach and elevate him to the most glorious positions which Thou has promised, and give him on our behalf the most beautiful requital and a reward more excellent than one granted by Thee to any Prophet on behalf of the people, and shower blessings on his brethren from amongst the Prophets and Righteous, O! The Most Beneficent".

    Hazrat Ibn Abi Assim (radi Allahu anhu) narrates that Sayyiduna Rasoolullah (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallim) said that if any person recites the above Durood Shareef on 7 Friday nights for 7 times, then the intercession of the Prophet (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallim) is assured for the reciter on the Day of the Judgement.


    "O Allah! May Thy beneficence be on Muhammad and on the House of Muhammad in a number equal to a million fold of each atom (that is created by Thee) and Thy blessings be, Thy peace on him".

    This Durood Shareef brings immediate success for the reciter and his entire family. It is a cure of all worldly ills.

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    "O Allah! Shower Thy blessings on Hazrat Muhammad ever and ever until Thy blessings are to be showered. Grant Thy bounty and mercy on Muhammad until Thy bounty is granted and mercy is showered. The most selected favours on the Spirit of Muhammad amongst all persons, on the name of Muhammad amongst all names, on the heart of Muhammad amongst all hearts. Thy most bountiful favours on the grave of Muhammad amongst all graves, on the tomb of Muhammad amongst all the bodies, on the clay of Muhammad (tomb) amongst all clays. May Allah shower His blessings on Muhammad the best of all that and on the descendants of Muhammad, on the Companions of Muhammad, on the friends of Muhammad, and on all his family members, O! Merciful Almighty Allah and Great Merciful".

    This Salawat is usually recited in the graveyard while paying homage to the deceased. When it is recited, Allah showers His blessings on the deceased. When the sons go to the graveyard they should recite the above Durood Shareef on the graves of their father and mother, and all the parents who have passed away.


    "O Allah! Shower Thy blessings on the soul of Muhammad amongst all Souls, on the heart of Muhammad amongst all hearts, and on the body of Muhammad amongst all bodies, and on the grave of Muhammad amongst all graves".

    A poor man complained to Hazrat Shahabuddin Ibn Arslan (radi Allahu anhu) about his illness. The disease was incurable. No doctor or physician could even suggest any medicine for his disease. Hazrat Shahabuddin (radi Allahu anhu), who was a very great Saint, listened patiently to this poor man and then told him to recite the above Durood Shareef. The poor man immediately did so and his illness disappeared so quickly as if it was never present. The poor man gladly returned to his house.


    "O Allah! Shower Thy blessings and peace on Muhammad, our Master, and on his progeny according to the number of Thy rewards and Thy bounties".

    Those who wish to visit Madinah Shareef and pay respects to the Holy Prophet (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallim) must read this Salawat for 313 times before going to bed. This Durood is the jewel of all Duroods. Its reward is unimaginable.


    "O Allah! Shower Thy beneficence on our Master Muhammad, the most favoured of Thy Prophets and the most honoured of Thy chosen persons, whose radiant life is the source of all light and who is the conferee of miracles and conferee of the most glorious place (Maqaam-e-Mahmood), and who is the leader of the previous and the later".

    Those who recite this Durood Shareef reach the first place before Allah Ta'ala. It is for this reason that this Durood is called Durood-e-Awal (First). Those who read this Durood Shareef daily are rewarded abundantly and all their bad habits evaporate. This Salawat fetches the reciter nearer and nearer to Allah Ta'ala and brings forth all kinds of delight.


    "O Allah! Shower Thy blessings on our Master Muhammad, in such a measure that earns Thy pleasure, and shower Thy blessings on our Master Muhammad exceeding that measure which has earned Thy pleasure, and shower Thy blessings on our Master Muhammad forever and forever".

    This is the best Salawat, and if recited regularly, brings one nearer and nearer to Sayyiduna Rasoolullah (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallim) in this world as well as in the next.


    "O Allah! May Thy grace and peace rest upon Hazrat Muhammad, our Master and our patron, the Wearer of Holy Cap, the one who ascended the Heavens, the rider of the Heavenly Steed and holder of the Flag of Divine Unity, the remover of calamity, epidemic, famine, disease, and pain. His name is written in Divine edict, exalted authorised for intercession and inscribed in the Tablet and Pen.

    "He is the leader of Arabs and non-Arabs. His body is the most holy, pure, fragrant, full perfected in purity and luminous in the sanctuary of Kaaba and its precincts. He is the sun of the glorious morning light, and the (full beautiful) moon of the dark night, the chief occupant of the highest seat in Heaven, light of guidance, refuge for the creatures, and lamp in the darkness. Of excellent manner, is the intercessor for mankind, one gifted with generosity and magnanimity. Allah is his protector and Angel Jibrael attends on him frequently. The Heavenly Steed is his conveyance and the glorious ascension to Heavens (to meet his Allah) is his last station in his march onwards, his object is to come in the closest company of his Allah, and this object was successfully achieved the point of destination reached and the goal covered.

    "He is the most prominent amongst all the apostles, and the last in the line of the Prophets (no Prophet will come after him. I'sa will come in the capacity of his ambassador), the intercessor of Sinners, Mercy indeed for all the domains of existence, comfort for the lovers and the desired object for the yearning souls, the sun of the gnostics, and the shining lamp for those who travel on the road leading to Allah, the lover of the poor and needy, the leader of the Jinns and all mankind, Prophet of the twin sacred centres (Makkah and Madinah), leader of the two exalted positions (Qiblas, the Kaaba of Mecca and of Jerusalem), our Supporter in both the worlds, honoured with Kaaba Kausaine, the beloved of the two east and the west, the grand father of Hazrat Hassan and Hussain, our Patron and the patron of the Jinns and mankind, father of Hazrat Qassim (his son) Muhammad, son of Abdullah, who is the light of Allah's Light. Therefore, O lovers of light and beauty of Hazrat Muhammad, invoke blessings on him and salute him with worthy salutations."

    If anyone wants to see Sayyiduna Rasoolullah (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallim) in his dream, then he should recite Durood-e-Taaj on eleven Friday nights continuously and that too on the advancing stages of the moon. The pre-requisites of the Revision of the Durood are as below:

    a. Make Wudhu.
    b. Put on clean scentful clothes.
    c. Face the Qibla and recite Durood for 170 times, then go to bed.

    For the sanctity of the soul, one should recite the Durood seven times after Salaatul Fajr, three times after Salaatul Asr and Esha, each day.

    And for overcoming the cruel Rulers and enemies, and to come out of the misery of poverty, one should recite Durood for 40 days continuously, 41 times each day. One who wishes to enhance the avenues of economy in abundance, he or she must make it a routine to revise the Durood seven times each day after Salatul Fajr.

    Besides all this, Durood-e-Taaj is panacea of all the present day ills and will enable the reciter to pass a happy and peaceful life for ever.

    23. DUROOD-E-DA'IM

    "O Allah! Send blessings upon Muhammad and upon his family the mercy which will be for You a pleasure of fulfilment of Your Right and grant him Wasila and the highest position which You promised him and reward him from us what his is according to his status and reward him from us the highest what You rewarded any Prophet, any Messenger, from his Ummat and send Your blessings for all his brothers from the Messengers and pious people".

    The Hadith of Holy Prophet (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallim) says that if a man recites the above mentioned Durood Shareef 7 times, for 7 Fridays, then the mercy of Sayyiduna Rasoolullah (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallim) will reach him. (The name "Da'im" means "permanent". Thus, this Durood Shareef should be recited by every Muslim permanently).

    24. DUROOD-E-HAQ

    "O Allah! Shower peace upon our Chief Muhammad and endow him with the means and high status in Heaven".

    This is the highest Durood Shareef and if recited after every prayer and in every prayer, it brings a great deal of reward.


    The above Durood Shareef should be read 100 times after every Salaah if possible. Especially after Jummah Salaah, the men should stand together facing Medina Shareef and recite this Durood Shareef with absolute respect.

    The following benefits are derived from reciting Durood-e- Radawiyya:

    1. The reciter is blessed with 300 Mercies of Almighty Allah.
    2. Allah Almighty sends peace on him 2 000 times.
    3. 5 000 good deeds are written in his Naama-e-Amaal.
    4. 5 000 of his sins are forgiven.
    5. His status is eleated by 5 000 times.
    6. It will be written on his forehead that he is not a Hypocrite.
    7. It will be written on his forehead that he is free from the Fire of Jahannum.
    8. On the Day of Qayamah, he will be amongst the Shuhadaa (Martyrs).
    9. He will gain Barakah in his wealth.
    10. There will be Barakah in his children.
    11. He will be strong over his enemies.
    12. People will have love in their hearts for him.
    13. He will see the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallim) in his dream.
    14. He will leave this world with Imaan.
    15. On the Day of Qiyaamah, Sayyiduna Rasoolullah (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallim) will shake hands with him.
    16. The intercession of Rasoolullah (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallim) will be compulsory on him.
    17. Almighty Allah will be pleased with him in such a way that he will never be displeased.


    "O Allah! Send your Mercy and Blessings upon our master Muhammad who is the beloved and most exalted, and upon his Companions and family."

    The pious people and the Awliya Allah said that whoever recites this Durood Shareef regularly every Thursday night, at least once, then at the time of his or her death, he or she will see the blessed countenance of Rasoolullah (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallim) and when he or she enters the grave, that person will make the Ziarat of Rasoolullah (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallim). They will see Rasool-e-Paak (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallim) with his own blessed hands taking him or her in their Qabr.


    "O Allah! Send Your Mercy and Blessings upon our master Muhammad the number which is in the Knowledge of Allah and mercy forever".

    Hazrat Sayed Ali bin Yusuf Madani (radi Allahu anhu), Sheik-ul-Dala'il, narrated from Imam Suyuti (radi Allahu anhu) that he who recites this Durood Shareef once gets the Sawaab of 600 000 Durood Shareefs. He who recites this Durood Shareef everyday one thousand times, will be blessed in both worlds, this world and the Aakirah.


    "Allah is the Lord of Muhammad, mercy and blessings upon him. We are the slaves of Muhammad, may mercy and blessings be upon him and Salaams".

    One should make it a habit to recite this Durood Shareef for at least one hundred times daily so that one will be able to see the results of the recitation in this world and in the Hereafter. You will be prosperous and you will never be overcome by your enemies.


    "O Allah! Send Your Mercy and Blessings upon our master Muhammad and upon the family of our master as You love and like for him".

    That person who recites the above Durood Shareef once will be fortunate to be rewarded with virtuous deeds for 1 000 days. Several Angels of Allah Ta'ala keep on writing good deeds for 1 000 days in the person's mark sheet.


    "O Allah! Send blessings upon our leader Muhammad as long as there is the interchange of night and day, as long as the morning and the evening follow one behind the other, as long as the night and day repeat themselves jointly, and as long as the two bright stars (of Ursa Minor) remain fixed in their places, send from us our gift and peace on his soul and the souls of his family members and send peace and blessings on him abundantly".

    By reciting this Durood Shareef once, one gets the Sawaab as reciting 10 000 Durood Shareefs. It will take you only 30 seconds to read this Durood Shareef, and you will get the Sawaab for 10 000 Durood Shareefs. By reciting one Tasbeeh of this Durood Shareef 100 X 10 000 = 1 million Duroods! In Ramadaan X 10 = 10 million Duroods

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    Blessings Of Durood Shareef

    As Salaam Alaykum.

    Bismillah Irahman Irahim.

    Today is the dawn of Friday and We are taught to remember Our Beloved (Sallallahu alaiyhi wasallam) in abundance. On This Blessed Night. Ulema have stated many blessings in reciting Durood Shareef it is a cure for almost every difficulty be it spiritual, emotional, physical or worldly, the benefits cited by our Scholars are vast.

    I have decided to take a few words from one of the lectures of Maulana Abdul Haiy Aabid his lectures are available on the tauheed-Sunnat website.

    Note: This is not a word for word translation, for that is very difficult to achieve. Often the whole speech when translated sounds incoherent. Also the speakers often repeat the same phrases when they are reciting the speech in a melodious tone or they speak as if it is in the first person when reciting a hadith of The Prophet Of Allah (sallallahu alaiyhi wassallam. I hope you will find it beneficial and may Allah forgive me for the inevitable mistakes I have made.

    Blessings Of Durood Shareef

    "The Prophet of Allah (Sallallahu alaiyhi wassallam) asked the Sahaba. "Who is a stingy and miserly person. The Sahaba responded: " O Messenger Of Allah (sallallahu aliyhi Wassallam) A stingy person is he who has loads of wealth but does not spend it." The Prophet of Allah (Sallallahu alaihi wassallam) responded "No! a Stingy and Miserly person is he in whose presence my name is mentioned and he does not recite Durood."

    The Prophet of Allah ( sallallahu alaiyhi wassallam) has said that whoever recites Durood upon me for his each recitation Allah Ta Ala will Forgive ten of his sins , his rank in paradise will be raised by ten Degrees, and he will receive ten blessings.

    Whoever recites Durood abundantly, will be the closest to The Prophet Of Allah (sallallahu Alaiyhi wassallam).

    Whoever recites Durood abundantly, he will be relieved of his debts.

    Whoever recites Durood abundantly, at the time of his death he will blessed with the tawfiq to recite the Kalimah Tayabbah.

    Whoever recites Durood abundantly, will be protected from the punishment of the grave.

    Whoever recites Durood abundantly, will be given the Tawfiq to perform Hajj.

    Whoever recites Durood abundantly, will be given tawfiq to visit the Blessed Grave of our Beloved (sallallahu alaiyhi wassallam).

    Whoever recites Durood abundantly, will be blessed by seeing the Prophet of Allah (sallallahu alaiyhi wassallam) in his dreams.

    Whoever recites Durood abundantly, on the day of Qiyamah his face will be shining like the Moon on the 14th night of the month when it is at its brightest.

    Whoever recites Durood abundantly, he will be as close to The Prophet Of Allah (Sallallahu alaiyhi wassallam) as the Index finger is to the middle finger on a hand.

    Whoever recites Durood abundantly, will be given the water from the fountain of Al Kawthar to drink by The Prophet of Allah (sallallahu alaiyhi wassallam).

    Whoever recites Durood abundantly, and passes away and is buried in Medina
    he will be amongst the first to receive devine mercy and to drink from
    al Kawthar,and amongst the first to enter Paradise

    Also remember the most Blessed Of Duroods is the Durood Ibrahimi . In this Durood You Not only remember the Beloved Of Allah (Sallallahu alaiyhi Wassallam) But You also remember The direct and Beloved forefather, Of Our Beloved Sallallahu alaiyhi Wassallam) Khaliliullah the friend of Allah Sayiddina Ibrahim (Alaiyhi Salaam). May Allah increase us in our love for them and may Allah also give us the Tawfiq to recite this Durood abundantly and not be lazy in our recitation ameen.

    I pray that Allah gives us this tawfiq


    The Virtues of Durood have been taken from the follwing Hadith collections:
    Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, Tirmidhi, Abu Dawud, Muwatta, Nisaai', Ibn-Majah, Darmi, Baihaqi and Miskhaat Shareef.

    1. For every Durood Shareef that you recite, ten sins are forgiven, ten good deeds are entered into your sheet of actions and ten position are upgraded.

    2. Allah showers ten blessings on the man who recites a Durood. 3. The first man who will meet the Prophet (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallim) on the Day of Judgement will be that person who had recited the Durood maximum number of times in his life time.

    4. Those who recite Durood in maximum number will be nearest and dearest to the Holy Prophet (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallim) in the next world.

    5. If any one is involved in a difficulty then he must recite countless number of Durood Shareefs.

    6. Reciting Durood Shareef eradicates poverty and hunger.

    7. If the Sawaab of the Durood Shareef is dedicated to another person, then thatperson will receive the Sawaab, while the Sawaab of the reciter will not be lessened.

    8. Reciting excessive Durood Shareef brings purity.

    9. Reciting maximum number of Durood Shareef is full compensation of all sins.

    10. Any one who recites excessive Durood Shareef in this world will be safe and sound in the next world.

    11. When a prayer is made to Allah it is never accepted unless praise of Allah Ta'ala and Durood Shareef on the Holy Prophet (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallim) is first of all recited.

    12. Those who recite Durood quite often will see Divine Light on the dark Day of Judgement.

    13. Three persons will be under the cool shade and the favours of Allah Ta'ala on the Doom's Day. One who kept the Holy Prophet's (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallim) Sunnah alive, one who removed difficulty of a fellow being and one who recited maximum number of Durood Shareef in his life time.

    14. When you forget anything and your memory fails to recollect it, then recite Durood, you will remember the forgotten thing.

    15. Reciting Durood in this world is rewarding in the next.

    16. The reciter of 10 Duroods in the morning and 10 in the evening will receive the help of the Holy Prophet (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallim) on the Day of Judgement.

    17. One who recites Durood Shareef near the shrine of the Holy Prophet (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallim) is heard by him there and then alone.

    18. Any one who recites Durood is just as one who purchased a slave and freed him.

    19. If a Durood is written in a book by someone Angels of Allah shower blessings on him till the Durood remains in that book.

    20. The Holy Prophet (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallim) said that he himself recites blessings on one who recites Durood on him.

    21. Any one who wants to meet his Allah with a happy face must recite countless number of Durood Shareef.

    22. Reward equivalent to a big mountain (Uhad) is given to one who recites one Durood.

    23. All people will be presented to the Holy Prophet (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallim) with their habits, natures and distinct manner, so it is obligatory for a man to recite maximum number of Durood.

    24. Allah is Great and Almighty to forgive all sins of the reciter during the day and night when he recites Durood Shareef.

    25. If any one meets in a tragedy, he should recite Durood Shareef in countless numbers.

    26. Reciting Durood is like giving something in charity.

    27. Reciting maximum number of Durood kills all hardships.

    28. Recite Durood Shareef in countless number on Friday, as it is presented to me (the Holy Prophet).

    29. Bad deeds of 200 years (equivalent) are obliterated if a man recites 100 Durood on Friday.

    30. Anyone who recites Durood will overcome all their troubles.

    31. If the name of the Holy Prophet (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallim) is mentioned and one who hears it but does not recite Durood Shareef, understand that he has forgotten the path to Paradise.

    32. "I pray for all those who recite Durood on me", said the Holy Prophet (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallim).

    33. If any one recites Durood Shareef from any place, any part of the world from any distance, it actually reaches the Holy Prophet (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallim) immediately. Allah Ta'ala has appointed several Angels who are given exclusive duty to collect all Durood Shareef and present the same before the Holy Prophet (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallim) immediately.

    34. Angels of Allah shower 70 blessings on a man who recites Durood once.

    35. Whenever you hear the call of prayers (Azaan) you should recite Durood.

    36. Wherever you are, from any quarter of the world, you must recite Durood as it reaches the Holy Prophet (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallim).

    37. Ablution is not complete if Durood is not recited on it.

    38. The Holy Prophet (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallim) said to his wife that any one who hears the name of the Holy Prophet (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallim) and does not recite Durood on him will not see the beautiful face of Prophet (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallim) on the Day of the Judgement.

    39. Sayyiduna Ali (radi Allahu anhu) reports that Rasoolullah (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallim) said, "The real miser is he in whose presence I am mentioned and then he fails to recite Salat on me".

    40. If a person recites 1 000 Durood Shareef daily, he will never die unless he himself sees his place in Heaven with his own eyes.

    41. The Durood Shareef that is recited by the person is written with a Golden Pen on a Silver tablet by the Angels. The Angels then present this Durood Shareef to Sayyiduna Rasoolullah (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallim) and proclaim, "O Habeeb of Allah! The son of such and such a person has presented this gift in your majestic court".

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    Darood Taj
    There are limitless benefits for this Blessed Darood Sharif [ Salaat 'alan Nabi Sall Allahu alaihi wa Aalihi wa Sallim] and they cannot all be written out in this short booklet. A few are mentioned.

    If some one wants to see Sayyidina Rasuli Akram Sall Allahu alaihi wa Aalihi wa Sallim, then at the height of the month on Yawmul Jumu'ah [Friday] after salaatul Ishaa having performed wudhu and putting on Attar he should recite this Darood Taj seventy [70] times and sleep after that. If he does this for eleven [11] nights, Inshaa Allahu ta 'ala he will see Rasulullah Sall Allahu alaihi wa Aalihi wa Sallim.

    For clearing his heart, he should recite this Darood Taj after Salaatul Fajr seven times, and again, three times after Salaatul Asr and Salaatul 'Ishaa respectively. For repelling the Magic of Jinn and the Shayateen, and to be safe from an epidemic and any other diseases, he recites it eleven times.

    For being safe from enemies and the Hasid [jealousy] of the Haasideen and the oppression of oppressive rulers, and to be rid of sadness and grief, he should recite this Darood Taj for forty [40] nights after Salaatul 'Ishaa forty one [41] times.

    Darood Lakhi
    Hazrat Sultan Mahmood al Ghaznawi Rahmatullah alaih, used to recite as a wazeefah [ma'moolaat] with pure intentions and a lot of love this Darood one lakh times. Because of reading this long Darood one hundred thousand times, the whole day would go by and he wouldn't have much time for the administration of government. One night he saw Sayyidina Rasuli Akram Sall Allahu alaihi wa Aalihi wa Sallim, who informed Hazrat Sultan Mahmood Rahmatullah alaih that the Ummat was is need of his work and the administration of government is dependent on Hazrat Sultan Mahmood al Ghaznawi. Rasuli Akram Sall Allahu alaihi wa Aalihi wa Sallim then informed the Sultan that if he recites this Darood Sharif after Salaatul Fajr once, he will receive the thawaab of having recited it one lakh times and that with the barakah of this Darood he will have lots of love for Rasuli Akram Sall Allahu alaihi wa Aalihi wa Sallim, and if he recites it more than once he will get the thawab of one lakh [ one hundred thousand ] times each time he does so.

    Hazrat Sultan Mahmood al Ghaznawi Rahmatullah alaih, because of this order of Sayyidina Rasuli Akram Sall Allahu alaihi wa Sallim recited this Darood once thereafter. He said to all the people based on this riwayah, that anyone from among the Ummati Muhammadi who recites it once will receive the thawaab of having recited this blessed Darood Lakhi one hundred thousand times!

    Darood Hazaari
    Who ever recites this Darood Hazaari in the Qabrastan [Muslim grave yard] three times, Allahu ta 'ala will take away the punishment of the grave of eighty [80] years. And whoever recites it four times in the Qabrastan Allah Subhaana Hoo will take away the Athaab ul Quboor [punishment of the grave] until the day of judgement. Who ever recites it twenty four times Allah Subhaana Hoo will send a thousand angels who will look over, oversee and protect his parents in the grave till the Day of Judgement.

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    Allah bestows ten measures of mercy to the one who recites Durood on me; ten of his sins are forgiven; he is elevated ten ranks and ten virteous deeds are written in his Book of Deeds (Nasai and Tibrani)

    Imam Mustaghfiri (R.A.) narrates that Rasulullah said :

    "Whoever recites 100 times Durood on me daily, 100 of his needs will be fullfilled - 30 worldly needs and 70 pertaining to the Akhirah."

    Tibraani narrates that Rasulullah said :

    "My Shafaa'at ( intercession ) will be for him who recites daily ten times Durood on me during the morning and ten times during the evening."

    Hazrat Umar Farooq (R.A.) said:

    "Duas remain suspended between the heaven and the earth. It does not proceed upward as long as Durood on Nabi has not been recited"

    the beneifts of reciting Durood Shareefs are unimagineable...there are millions of blessings...Wallahu Ta'ala a'lam...and Allah azzawajal knows best how much there really are... if every single one of us was to start providing benefits of reciting Durood Shareefs upon the Beloved Nabi (Salalahu alaihi wasalam) then our lives will finish, we'll die, BUT the benefits of reciting Durood Shareefs will still not finish....SUBHANALLAH azawajal Durood Shareefs are so beautiful and the biggest blessing of Durood Shareef are that Allah azzawajal Himself who is the creator of everything...Himself recites Durood-o-Slaams upon His Most Beloved (Salalahu alaihi wasalam)....SubhanAllah azzawajal... The Angels also recite Durood Shareefs upon the Holy Prophet (Salalahu alaihi wasalam), and we don't even know the exact number of angles that Allah azzawajal has created.

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    Secrets of salawat / Durood Naariyah-The Fire
    (Also Known As-Salatun-Naariyah, As-Salat u'l Tafreejiyyah and As-Salaatu-Taaziyyah)

    By Muhammad Sajad Ali - Uk 8th May 2010

    First a personnel story why this durood/salawat shareef, I was asked by a Sayyid Naqshbandi-Haqqani mureed from the USA, who follows Shaykh Nazim, the mureed asked me to tell him more about salawat Naariyah and I asked why, he told me that he had a dream, and in the dream an old sufi master with a white turban told him to stop the salawat he was reading and to read salawat Naariyah now.

    Salawat naariyah-meaning The Fire which I later learned was called kamilah-(perfect/complete) and only when the reader or the saalik (traveler on the spiritual path) recites it 4444 times does it become Naariyah. A friend I knew said he only read it a few hundred times and that some of its affects came to him. And he mentioned that the salawat came from Morocco and I said yes its real secrets are with the Moroccan sufi especially from my tariqah which is Moroccan.

    The Haqqani Mureed mentions after just reading it for a week he was given a $500 dollars bonus from work, which gave to his wife, then his wife started to read Salawat Naariyah and she just broken in tears for no reason. So this is were we will begin, below is the research of myself and the Haqqani Mureed which we did and is about the secrets of Salawat/Durood Naariyah:

    Allahumma salli salaatan kaamilatan Wa sallim salaaman taamman 'alaa Sayyidina Muhammad-I Nilladhee tanhallu bihi'l 'uqad wa tanfariju bihi'l kurab Wa tuqdhaa bihi'l hawaaij wa tunaalu bihi'r-raghaaib Wa husnu'l khawaatim wa yustasqa'l ghamaamu biwaj'hihi'l kareem Wa 'alaa aalihi wa sahbihee fee kulli lamhatin wa-nafas Bi 'adadi kulli ma'loomin-lak

    O Allah! Bestow complete blessings and perfect peace on Sayyidina Muhammad and for his sake may all our difficulties be removed, all calamities and agonies prevented; all needs fulfilled; all our cherished desires obtained; and a felicitous end to earthly life attained (with Imaan); and (give us) rain-showering clouds through the generous countenance of the Prophet, and (bestow blessings and peace as well) on his family and companions in every moment and every breath, as many times as is in Your Knowledge (that is, unlimited blessings).

    a different english translation of the same durood :

    O Allah, send the perfect salawat and the complete salaam upon our master and patron Muhammad, by whom the knots are untied, and the afflictions are removed, and the needs are satisfied, and the desired goals are gained as are the best ends, and by whose noble countenance the clouds are watered; and also upon his family and companions, in every moment and breath, according to the number of things in Your Knowledge)

    If read 41 times after fajr prayer will be successful with all the intentions in their heart and Allah will eliminate all the bad and facilitate all of lifes affairs.

    if read 313 times A miraculous thing will open /or open secrets from the ghaib-unseen.

    if read 4444 times will reach all his goals and the intention in this world and hereafter / and open all doors of goodness / To be read 4444 and dua made for ones intention for reading it.

    IIf read 1000 times then for him (will obtain) what was not possible by human kind and will obtain what not had been seen by the eyes, nor had been heard by ears and not had crossed in the heart" of"humankind."

    A saalik-(traveller on the spiritual path) is recommended to recite this salaat 4444 times in his lifetime.

    Its recorded in the Ba-alawi wird manual, as the Ba-alawi's (al-Haba'ib of yemen) are connected to the Shadhili through Imam al-Faqih al-Muqaddam from Shaykh ‘Abd ar-Rahman al-Maq’ad al-Maghribi and Shaykh ‘Abdallah as-Salih al-Maghribi, both disciples of the great Shaykh Sidi Abu Madyan Al-Ghawth, it says to read it 11 times after every Fard salat.

    In the section: 34 ways - Duas Seeing the Prophet (PBUH) in dreams, that is number 19, and was frequently Recited by Shaykh Abdul Qadir Gilani.

    If it is recited daily, it will give such strength and power to the recitor that no one on Earth can subdue them. Allah will help the recitor from the quarters unknown to the human being. It grants success in all the affairs of the world. It brings about one's success for his/her net income.

    Durood nariyah is also called salat taaziya
    salat taaziya, from Sidi Ahmad at-Tazi, a great wali from the maghrib, traditionally when there is a big societal calamity, a group gets together and divides up the reading of this salat, so that the total number is 4444 times... useful for the repelling of great calamities and the solving of difficult problems.

    This is how we read it in our tariqah ( in the Fidya gathering)

    This salawat is from the Kanzul as'rar and it opens the seven heavens and it was been tested by great awliya like Shaykh Sanusi, Sidi Omar Mukhtar, Sidi ibn Hajar asqalani Imam al-Qurtubi. It used very much in Morocco. And if a calamity or distress or danger than usually the sufis and the ahlu kheir-The people good, collect them themselves and read it 4444 after that they do tawwasul to the Prophet (s.a.w) and inshallah safety will come.

    Some other side notes:
    The last section fee kulli lamhatin wa nafasin ..was added by Shaykh Sanusi, who was one of the student of Sidi Ahmad ibn Idris.

    The chain of this is; Sidi Mohammed Tunisi from Shaykh Maghribi from shaykh sayed makki from Shaykh Mohammed as sanusi and this happen on jabal abi qubais- makkah

    Now Sidi Ahmad ibn Idris was given kalimah Azeema wird: La ilaha illaLah, Muhammad Rasulullahi , fi kulli lamhatin wa nafasin ‘adada maa wa see-a-hu ‘il-mullah directly by the holy prophet (peace be upon him).

    Behold the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) in a state of wakefulness.

    In terms of meeting with and learning from the Prophet after his death, each of the three shaykhs [Sidi Ahmad ibn Idris, Sidi Abd al-Wahhab al-Tazi, and Sidi Abd al-Aziz al-Dabbagh] had this occur to them, both while asleep and while awake. Even more, in the later part of their lives, each of the shaykhs relied only on him and had recourse to none except him, [salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam].

    Sidi Abd al-Aziz al-Dabbagh, was the shaykh of Sidi Abd al-Wahhab al-Tazi, who in turn was the shaykh of Sidi Ahmad ibn Idris-(was the shaykh of sidi Mohammed Sanusi) there Tariqah is based on the teachings of the Shadhili path.

    The the secrets of reading salawat Naariyah 4444 times in a group is with 'ijazah-permission and is only done by joining the Tariqah and it is only when one joins the tariqah then the secrets more effectively open to you via the shaykh. Otherwise there is nothing wrong with just reading Salawat/durood naariyah 11 times after every Fard salat every day, but not 313 times or 41 times at fajr every day as mentioned above.

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    Secret of Light

    Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Raheem

    Towards Understanding Secret of The Prophetic Kingdom
    The Nature of Light
    If however reaches the speed of light, time stops completely. Light = Time

    They calculated the speed of light to be 186,000 miles per second. The normal method of calculating speed in relativity is to take for example a sound wave. They noted that the wave travels at 1088 ft/second. If you are traveling at 1000 ft. /sec. and a sound wave is moving in the same direction you will observe it moving at 88 ft/sec. Likewise, to an observer speeding at 1088 ft/sec the observed speed oft eh sound wave would be zero.
    Also going in the opposite direction, you would add the difference of the speeds when calculating classical Newtonian physics.
    They also noted that with sound it needs a medium to travel so sound does not travel in a vacuum. Light on the other hand, does not require a medium in which to travel and unlike sound its observed speed does not change regardless of the speed or direction of the observer.
    So even for someone traveling 100,000 miles/second, the observed speed of that light would still be 186,000 miles/second, the same speed as if the observer was at rest.

    This is the famous theory of relativity.
    This is a phenomena which is strikingly non-intuitive and in truth has not been able to be explained by scientists – only observed and built on.
    It is universally accepted though incredible to comprehend, light speed is constant for all observers regardless of their speed or direction. Einstein explained that as an object increased in speed, approaching the speed of light, its physical length decreases, its mass increases. So we find a black hole has infinite mass but no size.
    As the object approaches the speed of light, time slows but the speed of light remains constant. So if he is traveling at 185,999 miles/second, still light is speeding past him at 186,000 miles/second. He will never “break the light barrier” one cannot even approach it. If however he reaches the speed of light, time stops completely.
    This aspect of light’s behavior left physicists stunned in wonderment and amazement: that it could adjust its observed behavior based on the one observing it.
    And more on that issue later.

    Mawlana explained that the Prophet is always increasing in knowledge, and moving up in levels, mithlayn mithlayn, double each moment. What this means, in the context of general relativity is that as the Prophet moves upward in knowledge, what is opening to him is yet another level of knowledge, because always light, which here represents knowledge, is moving faster than whatever speed you reach and its speed is always the same, even if you reach a speed infinitely close to its speed.

    Wa fawqa kulli dhi `ilmin `aleem
    This is explained that whatever level of knowledge you reach, you find you are nowhere, still above it is another level.

    This also reminds us of the role of Light and Observation in the creation of the Prophet (s) and his being Dressed by Allah under the Divine Gaze before the creation of all things. At that time there existed nothing of creation except the Light of the Prophet, al-haqiqat al-Muhammadiyya, which was turning in the Bahr al-qudra. Mawlana describes that at that time, Allah was sending His Divine Gaze on the Prophet (s) 70,000 times in every second/moment.
    Today, it is known that through light one can transmit enormous quantities of information digitally in a very short span of time. Now, with the invention of fibre-optic data connections, we have seen data rates jump by many times. One can now hook up one’s speakers via fibre-optics to a stereo. Disk drives are connected optically on fibre networks as are computers, allowing information to be transferred at Gigabit rates.
    And we know that awliya use light as a means of transmitting spiritual powers.

    When a Shaykh wishes to bestow a mureed with his spiritual trusts (amaanat), he will gaze in to his eyes, and pour the knowledge contained in his heart to the heart of the mureed through the vision. That is light-transmission.
    So when the Prophet (s) was turning in the Divine Presence, under Allah’s nadhra, 70,000 times in each moment, he was being dressed by means of the light of Allah’s Vision, with knowledge in waves. Waves upon waves, in reality oceans of Divine Light were being shone onto the Prophet’s Essence, al-haqiqat al-Muhammadiyya and in the process information was being “entered” into the Prophet’s understanding, his `aql or consciousness. Thus the Prophet (s) was being raised in every instant, level upon level of Divine Knowledge, and continues in this manner until today.

    Based on this concept of general relativity, some physicists have even argued for an infinite universe in a bounded space, stating that if the speed of galaxies increases the farther they are from the center of the big bang, then as is observed, their speed begins to approach significantly close to the speed of light, their spatial dimension in the direction of motion begins to compress, flattening them in the direction of motion.

    We must note that while physicists have not seen anything moving at the speed greater than light, it does not mean they don’t exist. In fact, some physicists have postulated a group of particles called tachyons, whose speed limit is never less than light and which would in fact move backwards in time.

    Photons and other forms of electromagnetic radiation are timeless, since they travel at light-speed. Since they are timeless, they are everywhere along their path at once. And their path is basically the universe.

    In other words once a wave is released, it exists everywhere at once. Stated in another way, everything in the universe past, present and future is connected to everything else, in a web of electromagnetic radiation that sees everything at once.” John Gribben, Physcist.

    It is understood that once you emit any form of radiation, it becomes available to every point in the universe instantly, because while to the observer it takes a very long time to reach whatever the edge of the universe is, the fact is the path that it will traverse, which is in fact the entire universe, as a wave travels everywhere, and since the wave experiences no time whatsoever, it is immediately connected to each and every “corner” of the universe.

    When we make Salawat/ Prophetic Chanting Praising, the sound is moving through the medium of the atmosphere, in a medium which will decrease in acoustic power, with distance. But what we know is that human brain is generating brainwaves, and that is simply the intention and command to the tongue to make the salawat. If you put an EKG on the human brain you find a wave generated by the intention to make salawat and based on the above discussion, that salawat wave is immediately available throughout the universe!

    Thus, from Allah’s saying, that once you intend good, it is written for you as a good deed and it will be rewarded. It is evident from this understanding that by having a good intention, immediately that is created and transmitted to the universe, where it has become timeless and ready and waiting for you, and to reward you, upon your timely arrival to Judgment Day.

    Thus it is clear then, how on judgment day the salawat are collected and presented to Allah in order that the one making them may be rewarded.
    Keep in mind that whenever salawat is made, Allah has angels that repeat that salawat of the reciter and recite in turn salawat on him and make istighfaar for him – this now it is apparent can happen concurrently with his utterance of the salawat, immediately, despite their distance from the person’s location near or far.

    Everything in the universe generates electromagnetic waves in order to act. This has even been show to be true of plants and even cells. All living things basically use electromagnetic waves to communicate internally from one part to another. Therefore, even the tasbih of the plants, cells and smallest living forms is in fact immediately “available” to the universe at large, once it is initiated –and this is one meaning behind the baraka of dhikr and tasbih.

    [therefore is behooves the believer to be careful and conscious of what your brain is emitting for whatever is thought immediately becomes timeless and “broadcast” to the entire universe instantaneously. That is how simple it is for recording angels to take down what one has intended – it is built into the structure of the universe. Once a shaykh told his mureed, you are coming to salaat and you made zina. The mureed said, no I didn’t. He said, “Yes, you looked at that woman with desire.” So the mureed, once he made that thought, it became available to the universe and those who have the capability to “pick it up” do so. That is why on the day of judgment, that wavelength is already present, and is the shahada of your own five senses and your limbs which have made timeless their intentions through these electromagnetic emissions.]
    Hadith Qudsi 16:
    On the authority of son of Abbas (may Allah be pleased with them both), from the Messenger of Allah (PBUH), among the sayings he related from his Lord (glorified and exalted be He) is that He said:
    Allah has written down the good deeds and the bad ones. Then He explained it [by saying that] he who has intended a good deed and has not done it, Allah writes it down with Himself as a full good deed, but if he has intended it and has done it, Allah writes it down with Himself as from ten good deeds to seven hundred times, or many times over. But if he has intended a bad deed and has not done it, Allah writes it down with Himself as a full good deed, but if he has intended it and has done it, Allah writes it down as one bad deed.
    It was related by al-Bukhari and Muslim.
    Thus if one takes the understanding one step further, it becomes apparent that at the moment of creation, the big bang itself, all things were immediately connected, past, present and future to what was, is and will be for all of the universe’s existence, as if written in a book. This entire universe came into existence with the big bang, the burst of light which is in itself timeless, and which, by containing all the matter of the universe is connected to every thing completely. And, with each creation’s intention to commit an action, the emission of electromagnetic radiation has conveyed that intention, into timeless “book of deeds” which, by its very nature, reaches from the very instant of creation to its extinction, without distinction to time whatsoever. It is in this sense perhaps that one can say everything is “written” or predestined and Allah knows best.

    Jaffat il-aqlām wa rafa`at as-suhuf.

    Yamhullaha ma yasha`u ya yuthbit wa `indahu umm ul-kitāb.
    As we mentioned there are tachyons, according to speculation, can travel faster but not equal to the speed of light, and it may be through the medium of these objects that Allah modifies the past, as in yamhullaha ma yasha`u, and Allah alone knows the veracity of this.

    Duality of Light

    In 1905 Einstein demonstrated that light has properties characteristic of particles and waves at the same time: the photoelectric effect for which he later received the Nobel prize.

    Since this time, that dual nature inherent in light has become known as the wave-particle duality.
    Through the double-slit experiment, in 1803, Thomas Young demonstrated that light passing through a single narrow slit creates a fuzzy image on a screen behind the slit, due to the diffraction of the light wave.
    If there are two narrow slits in front of the beam, the light produces an interference pattern, such as throwing a stone in the water and as it reaches a bridge with two columns in the water, the waves will move around the columns and coming around the other side, will interact with the waves from the other column, and increase in amplitude where they are moving in the same direction and decrease in amplitude when moving in opposite direction.
    This was the result of the experience with a stream of light.
    Now when they used the dual nature of light, to use its particle nature, they shot one particle of light at a time, through these two slits, one at a time, alternating between the two slits.
    As each sequential photon is fired, one would reasonably expect a fuzzy image to build up, as happened with the one slit experiment.
    However instead, the typical interference pattern of multiple light and dark bands formed, exactly as if it was a stream of light shot through both slits at the same time.
    So the particle, basically acted as a beam of a light, which is a wave phenomenon.

    The issue here is, how did the photon know that the second slit was open or closed? Since each photon was fired sequentially one after the other. However regardless, it acts the same as a wave. This is called “communicating” in the scientific field.

    E.H. Walker calculated that photons may be conscious. Gary Zukov said, “we have little choice but to acknowledge that photons, which process energy, do process information and act accordingly.”

    Another experiment, the calcite crystal experiment showed

    § that this identical phenomena happens not only with photons, but with electrons, protons and even whole atoms act in this way.
    § What this means is that when an atom is fired through a slit, its behavior will be that of as a wave phenomena.
    § In one experiment, when they monitored the slit as a particle passed through it, either on one slit or both, say an electron, it passed through the slit as a particle and did not act as a wave.
    § The particle appeared to “choose” to act as a particle, and not as a wave, before it reached the slit.
    § In a further modification of the double slit experiment researchers placed a photon detector at one of the two slits.
    § With a particle detector, physicists again directed the photons, one at a time, towards the two slits.
    § An unexpected two-band pattern emerged, the individual photon no longer acted like a beam traveling through two slits at once, but instead each photon apparently detected the existence of the detector and went through the slits as a particle and no interference pattern appeared on the screen.
    § The presence of the detector, logically speaking should not alter the outcome.
    § The particle “perceived” the detector and as a result remained whole.

    § Why the presence of the monitors should cause an alteration of the behavior of the photons is unknown.
    § What forces are at play causing the photons to act prior to reaching the detector.
    § Consider that the photon has “made the decision” to act as a particle before even reaching the detector.

    Gerald Schroder “the end of the line for causality. Identical conditions should give identical results. This experiment indicated otherwise.”
    Gribben, “what you find in such a situation is that each electron is seen to be a particle, traveling through one hole or another. It behaves like a little bullet. And lo and behold, the interference pattern disappears. Instead the pattern on the screen is one of that produced by little bullets, sent through holes independently….crucial moment going thru the hole.” [p. 59 footnote 5]

    Physicists have coin the phrase “collapse of the wave function” as a description of the change to particle behavior under observation only. Only under observation will a particle fired act as a particle.

    We find that whether a single detector at one of the 2 slits or 2 detectors at each slit is employed, that the outcome remains the same: it is the presence of any detector, not the number that cause the waves to convert to particles.
    The resulting conclusion is that the fact of observation profoundly alters the outcome of the experiment.
    Light remains as a wave without observation, but coalesces to a particle when scrutinized by something tuned to particle phenomena.

    [summarize for text, put the experiment details in footnotes]

    The 2nd experiment which demonstrates the “awareness of observation” is when radio waves are used to stimulate Be ions. The waves cause the atoms to jump from ground state, electron level 1 to level 2. By applying the radio impulses for exactly 256 ms. 100% of the ions shifted to level 2. Similarly a burst of 128 ms. Would cause only 50% to make the transition and it is a clear linear relationship between time and number of ions in level 2.

    The researchers developed a sophisticated technique that allowed them to measure the number of ions in level 1 or level 2. This technique allowed the team to assess the impact of observation without altering the methodology.
    They shoot the laser device and read how many ions are in level 1. Now if the examiners observed the ions four times over the period of 256 ms of “charging” the ions under the radio frequency, at 64, 128, xxx and 256 ms, only 3/4ths of the ions were found in level 1 at the end of the 256 ms. This means that if one were able to continuously observer the ions, they would in fact never change state.
    So the act of observing the ions the number of ions going to level 2 is reduced. I.e. they were able to observe the ions continuously they will never reach level 2.

    John Gribben says: “If it were possible to monitor the ions all the time, they would never change, as quantum theory suggest, the world only exists because it is being observed. The world only changes because it is not being observed all the time.” Thus, a watched pot theoretically never boils.
    One of the most widely accepted theories is that everything exists in a natural waveform until it is observed. At that time it “collapses” into a particle and the entity transforms into what we recognize as “reality.” As an example, the light we perceive exists in wave form, until it is observed with the eye. Somewhere between the cornea and the brain, the light wave is converted to a particle.

    On a cellular level, angels are assigned to each cell, each molecule and each atom. These angles are making continuous tasbih. That angel is “observing” that object for which is has been assigned. This is what keeps that object in particle for, i.e. In existence. Once that assigned angel leaves that task by Allah’s order, that object is no longer under observation and thus is rendered back to its wave nature, or bahr al-qudra, the ocean of power, and Allah knows best.

    the whole universe is under existence by Allah’s Gaze in every moment, and if Allah removes His gaze for one instant, it will no longer exist

    Now awliyaullah are given the power to be in multiple places at once.

    The haqiqat at-tay: could be due to the fact that awliya may move as a wave, and travel at the speed of light: because once a wave exists, it is immediately rendered into the timeless existence and render themselves into particle form and appear at a far distant place.

    As a wave, when they move into different places, they go to different “slits” which are different locations, they are rendered into particles,
    When Sayyidina Sulaiman said, who can bring the `arsh of Bilqees, the jinn replied that using his strength he can bring it before …
    The one who had ilm al-kitab, that one was able to bring it via its waveform, and as the Arabic has it, “qabl an yartada ilayk tarfuk.”
    It means instantaneously, as once the wave is created it no longer is bound by time at all.
    Thus it may be that he rendered the `arsh of Bilqees into its waveform, and since at that time it is available at any location in the universe, he simply rendered it back to its particle form in the majlis of Sayyidina Sulayman (as).
    ِA lady came to a saint, crying “my son is in a ship at sea, and it has capsized and he doesn’t know how to swim. Please help him.” Immediately the Shaykh reached out his hand and when he drew it back he was holding the woman’s son in his hand, and his arm was dripping wet.
    We have already seen that with the power of light, a wali may use his wave-body to move at the speed of light. At the location of the foundering ship, the wali renders his arm into its particle form, grasps this boy and then renders himself to wave-form and move his arm and the boy to his mosque, where he rendered his arm and the child back into particle state. The essence of this is to stop the effect of observation on himself, ie. The angels of the cells of the body, continue to observer his particle but using a method similar to that of the reverse polarizer being placed at the final location, the operations takes place while the shaykh is not under observation, he retrieves the child and returns, restoring himself and the child to “particle” form.

    Now how is it that he may move and appear to be static?
    So like the non-polarizing effect of the beam of light in the calcite experiment, the Shaykh is able to move at the speed of light,

    Now we see that in the night of Isra and Mi`raj, the Prophet (s) went physically, not spiritually to the Presence of the Allah Almighty.
    We know that the body is able to move at the speed of light, in which time stops, and that is why after the entire traversal from Makkah to Jerusalem, and then to the heights of Heavens, he returned in what to an observer would have been an instant, for it is said, that as he returned, the water which he had spilled upon being woken by Jibreel (as), was still falling, and upon his return the Prophet’s bed was still warm.
    As they were in light form, the anbiya prayed behind him in his light-body, and for that reason time had no effect. He then traversed to the station of qaaba kawsayni aw adna, traversing distances in the billions of light years or more, and yet returned in an instant.
    And on his return journey from Bayt al-maqdis, the Prophet observed a caravan (qāfila) of the Quraysh, on its return trip to Makkah.

    Multiple bodies

    The comparison of another aspect of awliya is similar to the slit experiment used to demonstrate wave-particle duality earlier.

    The case of Sayyidina Bayazid, he chose to go through 12,000 different locations as a wave at one time.
    If you throw a stone in a pond, it will refract through all the many holes in the bridge.
    As such the wali can render himself in different locations physically, just as the wave appears in multiple locations.
    Now how does he coordinate between all his different physical appearances – is this not a fair question?
    They once asked Bayazid al-Bistami, in how many places did you pray today. He said, “twelve thousand.”
    He then said, “ask this and this person if you want the proof.”
    This means all the 12,000 were under one existence and one consciousness.
    This is similar to what has been seen in the experiment, that when a light beam split, each beam knows about the other part of it that was split, instantaneously.
    Waves such as EM and light waves are limited to the speed of light. They are called local.
    Other medium that act atemporally (out of time), are known as non-local and travel faster than the speed of light – such as visions and telepathy in human terms. Mathematicians and physicists have actually proven non-locality in the following experiment.

    In 1930, Einstein, Podolski and Rosen, (EPR) collaborated in a “thought” experiment
    known as the EPR experiment. They conceived the experiment as an argument against non-locality. Einstein has been an outspoken opponent of this concept as it implied that reality is in fact observer-created.
    Einstein did not live to see the experiment performed. in 1964, John Bell published the first math proof known as Bell’s Theorem on Bell’s Inequality, verifying non-locality it was not until 1972 that John Clauser conducted the actual scientific EPR experiment as Berkeley.
    In 1982 Alain Aspect repeated an enhanced version of the experiment. Both experiments verified non-locality.

    In the experiment, a stimulated particle produces 2 photons. Each travels in opposite directions. As the photons from each pair separate they are observed to be identical in all respects except their direction of travel, including one important quality known as polarization. Polarization is the angle in which the light wave is oriented in space.
    Thus if one is polarized at zero degrees, so is the other.
    Clauser and Aspect used this aspect to conduct their analysis of non-locality.

    In the calcite crystal experiment (mentioned above), the calcite has the property of being able to split a single beam of light into two parallel beams, so instead of two slits, researchers use the calcite to split the beam of light.
    In this experiment done in 1991 by physicist Martin Sculley photons were shown to behave in one way when observed, and in a different way when not observed. After the photon beam has been split by the calcite crystal, each resultant half was directed via mirrors to a beam splitter which sends half of the light through and reflects half.
    So the photon is fired, it “splits” into two beams, it hits the beam-splitter, and then from the beam-splitters will be reflected to one detector or pass through the splitter and be received by another detector. It is like a digital switch either reflect or transmit the light.
    So in theory, with a single photon, it can only either reflect or transmit the photon, but not both. So there is a 50% probability that any photon fired on this path will be reflected or transmitted.
    The photons were seen to travel in the above manner to either detector one or two, splitting thru the crystal into two “beams” and being reflected through mirrors to the beam splitter. From there the photon would hit either detector one or two, but never to both simultaneously.
    They appear to configure themselves into the photon’s original configuration, whereby if one half was reflected at the beam splitter the other half was always transmitted.
    The act of observation was implemented using polarized mirrors, and when a reversing polarizer was placed in front of the detector at the end of the light’s path, the photon acted if is not being monitored.

    The experiments then modified the experiment to that on one pathway taken by the light, a 90-degree polarizer was placed in the path. By polarizing it 90-degrees, the physicists believed that they could observed the photons, by differentiating them. Inexplicably, this monitoring tactic altered the reconstruction mechanism and the single photon now traveled both paths, triggering both detectors simultaneously.
    When he placed a reverse polarizer at the end of the light’s path in front of each detector, which cancels the effects of polarization, after the beam splitter, then the photon only triggers one detector or the other.
    It is this observation that led the researchers to conclude that the photon in fact has detected the change in the observational setup after it has been transmitted, meaning that the photon was made “aware” of the change, and adjusted its behavior after already traversing the circuit.
    These experiments flabbergasted scientists who read the results, for it showed that photons of light were actually not only conscious of being observed but were conscious of changes in the method of observation after being “fired” from the light source.
    From such observations, great minds were left stunned. Neils Bohr once remarked, “Those who are not shocked when they first come across quantum theory cannot possibly have understood it.”

    The difference between the living and the dead

    From all the above discussion, it is apparent that the act of observation of the angels of the cells and particles of human beings is what “activates” their existence on the plane of the
    The living has a body and a soul. The dead has a soul but no body. The soul is the “energy” form, or light-body. The primary difference between these two is that the angels have been removed from the body. It is those angels, which are there in any living creature, whose act of observation cause an object to maintain its particle form. Once these angels are removed the observation ceases and the soul is rendered to its energy form and moves freely.
    That energy, the soul, is still there.

    Uwaisi connections

    In the EPR experiment, the polarizer being placed …
    In the famous incident of Sayyidina Umar seeing his commander Sariya, he was able to see what was happening across the globe. Detecting trouble, he was then able to call out to Sariya, and tell him what to do and Sariya hear him and reacted accordingly.
    Now hearing is simply an act of a vibration of air impinging on the eardrum and then being converted to a “brainwave” which traverses to the hearing portion of the mind.
    So we can speculate that Sayyidina Umar transmitted a brainwave from his mind as he spoke, which traversed from Madina to Sham at the speed of light and this wave was “picked up” by Sariyya’s “receiver” and converted into apparent sound via the electric signals that take place in the aural portion of the brain.
    Now this is reasonable to understand from a physical point of view. But then the question is how did Sayyidina Umar see what was happening to Sariya?

    At the speed of thought,

    if you have the transmitter and receiver to receive thought-waves, then communication is done with wave transmissions, not by sound waves.
    So we find that Shaykhs, through the Uwaysi connection, are able to communicate with each other across distance and from one who is passed away to the one who is living.
    In order to communicate the student Shaykh must be communicating to the wave-form, that is why if he is still not an adept, he may only receive such transmissions in his dreams.
    But we know that typically in … the Shaykh will say, ‘wait until tomorrow, and I will sit with the Prophet and get his permission.’
    Then there is a period of waiting and preparation, and the Shaykh will meet with the Prophet (s) in his majlis.
    We see that Sayyidina Bayazid, after dying in the garbage dump, was able to understand the speech of animals. Was that actual hearing the dog speak, bow-wow or was it hearing the brainwaves of the dog, saying “leave that bone, it is mine.”
    Similarly, Sayyidina Sulayman was give the gift of understanding the speech of the animals and birds, and from afar heard ant’s warning to his people…. He smiled on hearing this and thanked Allah for that gift.
    Did the ant actually speak loud enough for Say. Sulayman to hear or was he in fact communicating via the waves of the ant’s brain to his “receiver”?
    To speak means the brain must formulate a set of sounds and then sends the message to the vocal chords and the tongue to form the sounds of each word.
    But by the time one vocalizes your thought, the thought has already been transmitted.
    Verbalized thoughts generate one form of brainwave, which are relatively intense compared to the wavelengths of thoughts which go unexpressed, or which the one thinking them seeks to hide.
    Awliya, are gifted with the ability to read brainwaves, are able to receive the thoughts of others around him and read them like a person reads a book.
    Thus once a thought, or khatir moves through the heart of a person, the wali is able to receive it and comprehend it, even if the one thinking does not speak his language.

    If a majnoon kills someone, he is not responsible. That is because his brain capacity is below that of a muballagh, he is like a child. His brain in incapable of actions at the level of “transmission.”

    Wave-particle Duality

    The living is under the particle and wave duality, but only the “activated” spiritual personality is able to utilize the power in this duality. The dead is in his spiritual form, his wave-body, but if he has not activated that power in himself before death, he is still unable to use this power to move in the spiritual dimension.

    It is said that the awliya, when they die, have more power than when they are in their physical forms. That is because at that time they are pure spirit and having been released completely from the physical bindings of the particle form are able to move freely.

    The wave aspect of human beings has been granted to all human beings. But unless you are able to activate that aspect, you will not be able to take the advantage of it. Those awliya who have activated that aspect, are able to “turn off the observers” allowing them to travel as a wave, and in attaining their light aspect, achieving atemporal existence – present at every time and every place that the creation has reached since its advent at the Big Bang.

    Haqiqat al-jazba – the power of attraction

    When you feel you are being watched, and you turn and find someone looking at you, it means that your spirit has already felt some disturbance. This sense of the spirit being attracted or repulsed is experienced by everyone. Some spirits are mutajaniseen and some are mutanafireen – you meet someone and immediately feel repulsed or attracted.

    Al-arwaahu junudan mujanada.

    As in physical terms, we have a large people and thin people, and each has a different mass, exerting gravitational force, the spirits also have dimensionality – spiritual mass. Thus there are “large” spirits and “small” spirits.
    When a Shaykh has been granted haqiqat al-jazba, his spiritual mass becomes enormous. As in physical terms, it is shown that a black hole, which is a massive object that has become so dense that even waves of light cannot escape its attraction, so similar to the gravity of a black hole, will exert a tremendous attracting force and cause other spirits in his proximity to be drawn to him. The outward manifestation is that a person who falls under that attractive influence will be drawn to sit with the Shaykh or begin to ask the mureeds of the Shaykh “who is he? What does he teach?” and so on.

    Or one may even see that a person, having seen the Shaykh in passing, within 10 or fifteen minutes is taking shahada and entering the path of Islam.

    The Shaykh who is gifted with haqiqat al-jazba, is able to amplify your perceptions. He is able to excite your “electrons” from level one to level two in the quantum states. That is what causes “excitement” of the person who is attracted.
    That is why when one sits in the presence of a Shaykh, even if he is not speaking or interacting, one feels energized and active. This is the effect of his spiritual energy on the “electrons” of your spiritual body.
    Often this is experienced by the disciple: he comes to the Shaykh with a heavy heart from some trial or test. Immediately in the presence of the Shaykh his spirits are lifted and he feels his burdens removed. Once he leaves the presence, the burdens return, though at that time they may feel reduced.

    This can be compared to the effect of the polarizer placed in the calcite crystal experiment. When the reverse polarizer is installed, suddenly the particles revert to wave behavior.
    When a Shaykh hold the haqiqat al-jazba, the shaykh is continuously emitting positive energy or thoughts.

    The Names

    Allah ordered the angels to make sajda, prostration to Adam (as) in Paradise and they obeyed. It is extremely thought-provoking to understand the conversation that ensued between Allah and the angels at the time Allah created Adam(as).
    The angels, out of curiosity or out of fear perhaps, and Allah knows best, asked Allah if He was going to create someone who would make corruption in earth and shed blood, while they on the other hand were singing His praises? And Allah, in His reply, gave a clue as to why that fadl, that khusūsīyya was bestowed on Adam (as). He replied, “innee `aalamū mā lā ta`alamūn.” – “I Know that which ye do not know.” When Allah said this, He implied, wallahu `aalam, “I am bestowing from ‘what I know’ (innee `aalamū) on Adam – and that is a gift you angels do not possess (mā lā ta`alamūn).”
    This Adam demonstrated conclusively to the angels, when upon Allah’s Command, he revealed the Names. Awliya say the names are not the names of Allah’s creations, one-by-one. Rather they are the Names which are the sources of Allah’s creations, for as Mawlana said, “each creation has its own specific and unique Divine Name, not shared by any other creation – siffat, bi lā sharīk.” It is that Divine Name which gives any particular thing its existence. These Names are not of the Essence, for no creation can contain an aspect of the Essence but are from the Descriptions and Attributes (asma’I was-siffāt).
    The angels on the other hand, were at a loss to say what the Names were and confessed: qālū lā `ilma lanā illa mā `alamtanā, innaka anta as-sami`ul `alīm.
    They had no knowledge of this aspect of creation – the Divine Name behind each creation.
    Each creation comes into existence under the light of a Divine Name.
    What is identity? Where does it come from?
    We feel we are ourself, our location, our consciousness is in our brain. Our consciousness comes from what? We become conscious thru awareness – our connections to our surroundings. This begins to impact us when we are born – suddenly our senses come into play. The infant has no sense of self, but his ears, eyes, tongue, senses are being filled with data, information every moment.
    Mawlana explains that an infant has no self: he or she is still in the Divine Presence. That means the infant doesn’t differentiate his existence from creation. He is still receiving information through his spiritual dimension. He is living in the Bahr al-rahma of Allah’s Divine Mercy.

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    One Day Sayedena Ali [as] Asked . O Muhammad [s], I pray you tell me what the Lord Almighty created before all other beings of creation

    This was his blissful reply:

    Verily, before your Lord made any other thing,
    He created from His own Light
    the light of your Prophet [s]

    and that Light rested haithu mashaAllah, where Allah willed it to rest. And at that time there existed aught else

    ‑not the Preserved Tablets, not the Pen, not Heaven nor Hell, not the Angelic Host, not the heavens nor the earth; there was no sun, no moon, no star, no jinn nor man nor angel–none was as yet created, only this Light.

    Then Allah – glorified be He – by Divine decree willed the Creation to be. He therefore divided this Light of the Prophet [s] into four parts.

    From the first part of Sayedena Muhammad [s] Light He created the Pen,
    from the second the Tablets,
    from the third the Divine Throne. [ from the light of Sayedena Muhammad[s]]

    Now it has become known that when the Lord had created the Tablets and the Pen, the Pen had on it one hundred nodes, the distance between two nodes being that of two years wayfaring. The Lord then commanded the Pen to write, and the Pen asked, “Oh Lord, what shall I write?”
    The Lord said,
    “Write: La ilaha illAllah, 70,000 years the pen wrote.
    Then ordered to write for 70000 years Muhammadan Rasulullah.”

    There upon the Pen exclaimed, “Oh, what a beautiful, great name is that of Muhammad that it is to mentioned in one with Thy hallowed Name, oh Lord.”
    The Lord then said, “Oh Pen, mind your manners! This name is the name of My Beloved, from his Light I have created the Throne and the Pen and the Tablets; you, too, are created from his Light. Had it not been for him, I would not have created a single thing.”

    When Allah Almighty had spoken these words, the Pen split in two from awe of the Lord, and the place from which its speech issued became blocked, so that to this very day its nib remains cloven in two and clogged up, so it does not write, which is the sign of this great divine secret. Therefore, let no one fail in veneration and honoring of the Holy Prophet, or become lax in following his shining example, or contravene the noble custom he has taught us. { This is the secrets of Lam Alif }

    18.60 And when Moses said unto his servant: I will not give up until I reach the point where the two rivers meet, though I march on for ages.

    Then again the Lord commanded the Pen to write. “What shall I write, oh Lord?” asked the Pen. The Lord of the Worlds then said, “Write that which will be until the Day of Judgment!” Said the Pen, “Oh Lord, with what shall I begin?” Said the Lord, “With these words you shall commence: BismiAllah al-Rahman al-Rahim.” In perfect respect and deference, the Pen then set out to write these words upon the Tablets, and it completed writing them in seven hundred years.

    When the Pen had written these words, the Almighty spoke and said, “It has taken you seven hundred years to write three of My Names; the Name of My Majesty, My Mercy and My Compassion. These blessed words I have made as a present to the nation of My Beloved Muhammad. [ MHMM ]

    By My Majesty I pledge that whenever any servant from this nation pronounces the words of the Bismillah with a pure intention, I will write seven hundred years of countless reward for this servant, and seven hundred years of sins I will erase.”

    Now, the fourth part of this Light of Prophet [s] I have again divided into four parts:

    from one part I have created the Throne-bearing Angels (hamalat al-`Arsh)
    From the second I have created the Kursi, the Divine court (the upper Heaven supporting the Divine Throne, the `Arsh);
    from the third I created all the other heavenly angels;
    and the fourth part I have partitioned once more into four:

    From its first part I made the skies, from its second I made the earths, from its third I made the Jinn and the fire.
    Its fourth part I have again divided into four parts:

    from one part I made the light upon the faces of the believers;
    from the second part I made the light within their hearts,
    imbuing them with knowledge of the divine;
    from the third the light upon their tongues which is the light of Tawhid (the Unity of Allah),

    From the fourth part I made the different lights of the soul of Muhammad .
    This lovely soul came into being 360 thousand years before the creation of the world,
    v and it was shaped most beautifully and made of incomparable matter.
    v Its head was made from guidance, its neck from humility,
    v its eyes from modesty, its forehead from closeness (to Allah),
    v its mouth from patience, its tongue from truthfulness,
    v its cheeks from love and admonition,
    v its belly from abstemiousness and other worldliness,
    v its feet and knees from following the straight path,
    v and its noble heart was filled with mercy.

    This much-honored soul was taught with mercy and equipped with all manner of wondrous powers. It was given its message and its prophetic qualities were installed.

    Then the Crown of Divine Proximity was placed upon its blessed head, eminent and exalted above all else, embellished with Divine Pleasure and given the pure, holy name of Habibullah (Beloved of Allah). [ YA-Seen [s] ]

    The Twelve Veils
    Allahs Dressing of The Light of Sayedena Muhammad [s]
    { BismAllah=786=21, 12 is the Mirror of 21, 12 Months, 12th Rabil Awal, 12 tribes, 12 Represent Completion }
    After this the Lord Almighty, blessed be He, created twelve Veils. Each Month is a Dress of Allahs Tajalli on The Lights of Creation.

    The first of these was the Veil of Power within which the Prophet’s soul remained for twelve thousand years, reciting Subhana rabbil-’ala (Glory be to my Lord, the Lofty). First Lunar Month Muharram etc..
    The second was the Veil of Grandeur in which he was veiled for eleven thousand years, saying, Subhanal ’Alim al-Hakim (Glory be to my Lord, the All-Knowing, the Wise).
    Ten thousand years he remained shrouded in the Veil of Kindness, saying Subhana man huwa da’im, la yaqta (Glory to Him who is perpetual, who never ends). Mawlid
    The fourth veil was the Veil of Mercy, therein the noble soul remained for nine thousand years, praising Allah, saying: Subhana-rafi’-al-`ala (Glory be to the Elevated, the High).
    The fifth veil was the Veil of Bliss, and therein he remained for eight thousand years, glorifying the Lord and saying, Subhana man huwa qa’imun la yanam. (Glory to Him who is ever existent, who sleeps not).
    The sixth veil was the Veil of Munificence; he remained enfolded in it for seven thousand years, praising, Subhana-man huwal-ghaniyu la yafqaru (Glory be to Him who is rich, who never grows indigent).
    Then followed the seventh veil, the Veil of Rank. Here the enlightened soul remained for six thousand years, praising the Lord and saying: Subhana man huwal Khaliq-an-Nur (Glory to Him who is the Creator, the Light).Rajab
    Next, He veiled him in the eighth veil, the Veil of Guidance where he remained for five thousand years, praising Allah and saying, Subhana man lam yazil wa la yazal. (Glory to Him whose existence does not cease, who does not vanish).
    Then followed the ninth veil, which was the Veil of Prophethood where he stayed for four thousand years, glorifying the Lord: “Subhana man taqarrab bil-qudrati wal-baqa.” (Glory to Him who draws nigh to His Omnipotence and Immortality). Ramadan
    Then came the Veil of Eminence, the tenth veil where this enlightened soul remained for three thousand years, reciting praises on the Creator of all Causes, saying, “Subhana dhil-’arshi ‘amma yasifun.” (Glory be to the Owner of the Throne, above all else attributed to Him).
    The eleventh veil was the Veil of Light. There he remained for two thousand years, praying, “Subhana dhil-Mulk wal-Malakut.” (Glory to the Lord over the heavenly and earthly Kingdoms).
    The twelfth veil was the Veil of Intercession, and there he remained for one thousand years, saying “Subhana-rabbil-’azhim” (Glory to my Lord, the Sublime). {Dhul Hajj Thats why you make Haji on the 12th Month}

    Creation of the Beloved AHMAD
    Thereafter the Lord created a tree which is known as the Tree of Certainty.

    This tree has four branches. He placed this blessed soul upon one of its branches, and it continued to praise Allah for forty thousand years, saying, Allahu dhul-Jalali wal-Ikram. (Allah, Possessor of Might and of Kindness).

    After it had thus praised Him with many and varied praises, the Almighty created a mirror, and He placed it so as to face the soul of Habibullah,{ secrets of the number 11 } and commanded his soul to gaze into this mirror.
    The soul looked into the mirror and saw itself reflected as possessing the most comely and perfect form.

    He then recited five times, Shukran lillahi ta’ala (thanks be to Allah, Exalted be He), and fell down in prostration before his Lord.
    He remained in each sajda for one hundred years, saying Subhanal-aliyyul-azhim, wa la yajhalu. (Glory be to the High, the Sublime, who ignores nothing);
    Subhanal-halim alladhi la yu’ajjalu. (Glory be to the Mild One who hastens not);
    Subhanal-jawad alladhi la yabkhalu. (Glory be to the Generous who is unstinting).

    Therefore the Causer of all Being obliged the nation of Muhammad [s] to perform sajda (prostration) five times a day – these five prayers in the course of one day and night were a gift of honor to the nation of Muhammad [s].

    From the Light of Muhammad
    Next the Lord created a lamp of green emerald [ Bible book of revelations describes the Emerald Throne of the Heavenly King] from the Light,

    and attached it to the tree by a chain of light.
    Then He placed the soul of Muhammad [s] inside the lamp and commanded it to praise Him with the Most Beautiful Names (Asma al-Husna).

    This it did, and it began to recite each one of the Names for one thousand years. When it reached the Name ar-Rahman (the Merciful), the gaze of Mercy fell upon it and the soul began to sweat from modesty.

    Drops of sweat fell from it, as many as there were to be prophets and messengers, each drop of rose-flavored sweat turning into the soul of a prophet.

    They all assembled around that lamp in the tree, and the Almighty addressed the soul of the Prophet Muhammad r, “See here this multitude of prophets whom I have created from the pearl-like drops of your sweat.”

    Obeying this command, he gazed upon them, and as the light of the eye enfolds the object, so the souls of all these prophets were suddenly engulfed in the light of Muhammad[s], and they cried, “Oh Lord, who has wrapped us in light?”

    The Lord answered them, “This is the Light of My Beloved Muhammad, and if you will believe in him and confirm his prophetic message, I will grant you the honor of prophethood.”
    Thereupon all the souls of the prophets declared their belief in his prophethood, and the Lord said, “I bear witness to your acknowledgment,” and they all assented. As it is declared in the Holy Quran:
    And when God took oath with the Prophets: That I have given you of Book and Wisdom; then there shall come to you a Messenger confirming what is with you–you shall believe in him and you shall help him; do you agree? He said. And do you take My load on you on that condition They said, ‘We do agree.’ God said, ‘Bear witness so, and I shall be with you among the witnesses.’ (The House of Imran, 3:75-76)

    Then this pure, holy soul took up its recital of the Most Beautiful Names again.

    When it came to the Name al-Qahhar,[ R- Rab, Ha- Hadi , Qaf- Wal Quran al Majid] its head began to sweat once more from the intensity of His Divine Majesty and Awe, and from these beads of sweat the Almighty created the souls of the blessed angels.

    From the sweat on His face RasulAllah [s], the Almighty created the Throne and the Divine Court,
    the Tablets and the Pen, the sun, the moon and the stars.
    From the sweat of his chest He created the scholars, the martyrs and the righteous believers.

    From the sweat on his back were made the Bayt-al-Ma’mur (the heavenly house),
    the Kabatullah (the Kaaba), and the Bayt-al-Muqaddas (the Haram of Jerusalem),
    and the Rauda-i-Mutahhara (the Tomb of the Holy Prophet r at Madinah), as well as all other mosques in the world.

    From the sweat on his brows were made the souls of all the believers, and from the sweat of his lower back (the coccyx) were made the souls of all the unbelievers, fire worshippers and idolaters.

    From the sweat of his feet was made all the ground from east to west, and all that is within it. From every drop of sweat the soul of one believer or unbeliever was created. That is the reason the Holy Prophet [s] is referred to as “Abu Arwah”, Father of Souls. All these souls gathered round the soul of Muhammad [s], circling round him with praise and glorification for one thousand years; then the Lord commanded these souls to look at the soul of Muhammad [s]. The souls all obeyed.

    Who Gazed at the Soul of Muhammad
    Now, those among them whose gaze fell upon his head were destined to become kings and heads of state in this world. Those who gazed at his forehead became just chiefs. Those who gazed at his eyes would become hafiz of the Word of Allah (i.e. one who commits it to memory). Those who saw his eyebrows became painters and artists. Those who saw his ears were to be of those who accept admonition and advice. Those who saw his blessed cheeks became performers of good and reasonable works. Those who saw his face became judges and perfumers, and those who saw his blessed lips became ministers.
    Whoever saw his mouth was to be of those who fast much. Whoever looked at his teeth would be of comely appearance, and whoso saw his tongue was to become the ambassador of kings. Whoever saw his blessed throat was to become a preacher and mu’adhdhin (who calls the adhan). Whoever looked at his beard was to become a fighter in the way of Allah. Whoever looked at his upper arms was to become an archer or a diver in the sea, and whoever saw his neck became a merchant and a trader.
    Whoso saw his right hand became a leader, and who saw his left hand became a dispenser (who holds the scales and measures out provisions). Whoso looked at the palms of his hands became a generous person; whoso looked at the backs of his hands became a miser. Whoso saw the inside of his right hand became a painter; who saw the fingertips of his right hand was to be a calligrapher, and who saw the tips of his left hand would be an ironworker.
    Whoso saw his blessed chest would be of the learned, ascetic and scholarly. Whoso saw his back would be a humble person and obeying the laws of the Shari’a. Whoso saw his blessed sides would be a warrior. Whoever looked at his belly would be of the contented ones, and whoever looked at his right knee would be of those who perform ruk’u and sujud. Whoever looked at his blessed feet became a hunter, and who saw the bottom of his soles became one of those who take to the road. Who saw his shadow were to become singers and saz (lute) players.
    All those who looked but saw nothing were to become unbelievers, fire worshippers and idolaters.
    Those who didn’t look at all were to become those who would declare themselves to be gods, such as Nimrod, Pharoah and his like.

    Now all the souls lined up in four rows.
    v In the first row stood the souls of the prophets and messengers, on whom be peace; in
    v the second row were placed the souls of the holy saints, the Friends of God;
    v in the third row stood the souls of the believing men and women;
    v in the fourth row stood the souls of the unbelievers. All these souls remained in the world of spirits in the presence of Allah Almighty until their time had come to be sent into the material world.

    No one but Allah Almighty knows how much time elapsed from the time of the creation of the Prophet Muhammad’s [s] blessed soul to his descent from the spiritual world into his physical form.

    It is narrated that the Holy Prophet Muhammad [s] asked the angel Jibra'il [as],
    v “How long is it since you were created?”
    v The angel answered, “Oh Rasulullah, I don’t know the number of years,
    v all I know is that every seventy thousand years a tremendous light shines forth from behind the Canopy of the Divine Throne;
    v since the time of my creation this light has appeared twelve thousand times.”
    v “Do you know what this Light is?” asked Sayedena Muhammad [s].
    v “No, I don’t know,” said the angel. “It is the light of my soul in the world of the spirit,” replied the Holy Prophet r. Consider then, how immense a number it must be if 70,000 is multiplied by 12,000 !

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    The Seventh Heaven

    Our beloved Prophet continued r the narration of his visit to the Seventh Heaven:

    “Allah Almighty has it created from Light. Its name is Ghariba and the name of its guardian angel is Afra’il. Jibra’il requested entry at the keeper of the gates as he had done before, and after a succession of questions and answers, the gates swung open and we were admitted. I beheld Afra’il and the seven hundred thousand angels under his command. Each one of these had in turn seven hundred thousand helpers, and their glorification was this:

    Subhana-lladhi sataha-s-samawati wa rafa’aha,

    Subhana-lladhi basatal-arda wa farashaha,

    Subhana-lladhi atla’al-kawakiba wa azharaha,

    Subhana-lladhi arsal-jibala wa haya’ha.

    (Glory be to Him who has fashioned the skies as a roof and raised them aloft;

    Glory to Him who has flattened the earth and fitted it accordingly;

    Glory to Him who brought forth the stars and made them to be adornments;

    Glory to Him who has set up the mountains and fixed them in their places.)”

    “I greeted Afra’il and he received my greetings with pleasure. He gave me glad tidings of many spiritual gifts of grace and much reward for accepted good works.

    “Above the gate to this Heaven were written these words:


    La ilaha ill-Allah, Muhammad-ur-Rasulullah, wa Abu Bakr as-Siddiq.

    There I beheld an angel whose head was at a level with the Throne, while his feet were placed firmly on the earth.

    He was so great that he might have swallowed up all the seven layers of Heaven with one gulp, had Allah Almighty permitted him to do so. The Tasbih of this tremendous angel was this:

    Subhanal-muhtajibi bi jalalihi,

    Subhanal-musawwiri fil-arhami ma yasha’u.

    (Glory be to Him who is veiled by His Majesty,

    Glory be to Him who forms in the womb whatever He wills.)

    “Then I saw an angel with seven hundred thousand heads, and each of these heads bore seven hundred thousand faces. On every single face there were seven hundred thousand mouths, and in every single mouth there were seven hundred thousand tongues and with each tongue he speaks seven hundred thousand different languages. This angel also has seven hundred thousand wings. Every day, this angel plunges seven hundred times into the Ocean of Light, which is in Paradise, and each time he comes up out of the water, he shakes himself. From every drop of light that flies off him, the Almighty creates an angel, which glorifies the Lord as follows:

    Subhanaka ma ‘azhama sha’nuka,

    Subhanaka ma ’azhama makanuka,

    Subhanaka sayyidi ma arhamaka bi khalqika.

    (Be Thou glorified, how immense is Thy dignity!

    Glory be to Thee, how high is Thy station!

    Glory to Thee, my Lord, how great Thy Mercy on Thine creation!)

    “After passing by this one, I beheld another angel, seated upon a throne. His head was beneath the Divine Throne, and his feet reached to the bottom of the earth. He was so great, that he could have swallowed up the world and what is within it in a single gulp. The tip of one of his wings touched the west, whereas the other touched to the east. Seven hundred thousand angels were at his service, and each one of these commanded another seven hundred thousand angels. ‘Who is this?’ I asked the angel Jibra’il. ‘This is Israfil,’ he told me. I went up to him and gave him Salams and he received them well and gave me great good tidings. His Tasbih was this:


    Subhanal-muhtajibi ‘an khalqihi,

    Subhana Rabbina wa ta’ala.

    (Glory be to Him, the All-Hearing, the All-Knowing,

    Glory be to Him who is veiled from His Creation,

    Glorified and exalted be He, our Lord Almighty.)

    “After this, I came upon a person all drowned in Light. He was seated upon a throne in an attitude of awesome dignity, and before him was a multitude of little children. I asked Jibra’il who was this person of such light, majesty and awe, and who were all the children with him. The angel answered me, ‘This is your great grandfather Ibrahim. He loves you and the entire nation that believes in you. He once prayed to the Lord of the Worlds that he might be of service to your nation, and the Lord heard his supplication. He gave him all these little children who are the little boys and girls from your nation who die before reaching adulthood. Allah Almighty has entrusted Ibrahim with their upbringing and education. Until the Day of Judgment, he will be instructing them in proper behavior and training their minds in the useful sciences. After having perfected their schooling, on the Day of Gathering he will lead them forth and bring them to the site of Resurrection. There, before the Lord’s Holy Presence, he will entreat Him with these words: ‘Oh my Lord, here are the youngsters of the nation of Your Beloved Muhammad Z who died before reaching the age of maturity. According to Your order and command, I have taught and trained them in all useful branches of knowledge, and brought them before Thy Majestic Throne. Thine is all kindness, favor and grace.’

    “At this invocation, the Almighty Lord will reply with the full glory of His Majesty, ‘Oh children, go and enter the Gardens of Paradise.’


    Thereupon, these children will reply, ‘Oh our Lord, by Thy Grace and Thy Munificence, let our parents go with us!’

    The Almighty Lord will again direct His Divine Speech at them, and say,

    ‘You have nothing to answer for, go and enter into Paradise forthwith; as for your parents, they are accountable and there are things they have to answer for.’

    Again, these children entreat the Lord, ‘During their lives in the material world, we caused them sorrow through our absence;

    now, by the vastness of Thine Mercy which floods the universal expanse, let us be the cause of happiness for them.’

    Upon this plea, the All-Merciful and Beneficent Lord accepts the children’s supplications and addresses them, saying, ‘Go then and take from the wine of the spring of Kawthar and give your parents to drink therefrom.’

    “Thereafter, Jibra’il turned to me and said, ‘Go ahead and give Salams to Ibrahim.’ I stepped forth and greeted him, whereupon he honored me and received me well. Then he spoke to me, saying, ‘Welcome to you, oh virtuous son and righteous Prophet! Tonight you are to be honored in that you will witness the splendor of the Lord of the Universe, and you will be admitted to behold all manner of sacred displays. As for your nation, it is the last of all nations and it will be a very weak nation, so do not neglect to intercede with your Lord on their behalf.’

    “And he continued, ‘Oh Muhammad {s}! Give Salams to your nation from me and convey to them my advice: the World (dunya) is of a passing nature and rapid in its decline. In the eyes of the Eternal Lord it is but base and contemptible matter. He attributes to it not even the value of a fly’s wing. Tell them not to waste their lives in the pursuit of its vain beauties, its pomp and palaces; not to be deceived by its many and varied tastes, by promises of grandeur and large followings. For it is the world to come, which is lasting, and eternal. Therefore, let them busy themselves in following the pure ways of the Shari’a (Divine Law) by night and by day, and the guidance contained in your Sunna (practice of the Prophet {S}) and thereby gain the good pleasure of the Almighty Lord. The Gardens of Paradise are vast, so let them plant there many, many trees.’

    “I asked him then, ‘How does one plant a tree in the Jannah?’ He replied, ‘Through the recital of this Tasbih:

    Subhanallahi wal-hamdu-lillahi

    wa la ilaha ill-Allahu wallahu akbar,

    wa la hawla wa la quwwata illa billahil-aliyyil-azhim.

    (Glory be to Allah and Praise;

    None is worthy of worship but Allah alone, and Allah is Most Great!

    There is no Might and no Power save with Allah, the Exalted, Majestic.)

    Tell them to recite this Du’a (prayer), for each time they recite it, a tree is planted in Paradise.’

    “Then Jibra’il called the Adhan to prayer and made Iqama; I then led the angels and inhabitants of the seventh Heaven in a prayer of two Rak’ats, then we ascended to the Bayt-al-Ma’mur.
    The Bayt-al-Ma’mur (The Heavenly House) 5

    “This is a highly revered building in the Seventh Heaven. It is of the same size as the revered Kaba, which stands upon the earth and it is situated right above it. Were it to be let down from the Heavens, it would land right on top of the Kaba.


    Allah has created it from red ruby stone and given it two doors made from green emerald.

    Ten thousand lamps of pure gold illuminate it and it has a minaret of pure silver,

    which has a height of five hundred years’ traveling. At the door of this building there is a Minbar (a pulpit), and every day since their creation up until the Last Day,

    seventy thousand angels come here to visit this house.

    “In front of it there is a sea of light in which they first bathe, then take thereof a veil of light each and wrap it around themselves.

    This is their Ihram (ceremonial clothing of the pilgrimage).

    Then they begin to circumambulate the Heavenly House in Ihram, calling out Labbayk (‘At Your service!’), as the pilgrims do on earth.

    Having once completed their Tawaf (circumambulation), these angels do not return a second time until the Day of Judgment, and it is only the angels of the seventh Heaven who go there at all. Jibra’il then took me by the hand and we went inside.

    “He said to me, ‘Oh Rasulullah {S}, do lead us here in prayer too!’ Then he called the Adhan, and all the inhabitants of the seven heavens now followed as I led them in a prayer of two Rak’ats. When I beheld the immense multitude, it came to my mind, ‘Oh if only my nation were granted such a communal prayer.’ Thereupon, the Lord who knows all hidden thoughts, realized my secret wish in that He commanded, ‘Oh Muhammad {s}! Your nation will be granted such a communal prayer: it will be on a Friday, and it will be obligatory.’”

    It is written in some of the books of admonition:

    “Every Friday the great angels assemble round the Holy House. Jibra’il calls the Adhan and Israfil delivers the Khutaba (sermon) while Mikha’il leads the prayer as Imam. All the angels of the seven heavens follow his lead. After the Jum’a[1] prayer is complete, Jibra’il addresses the gathering as follows, “Oh gathering of angels, bear

    witness that I pass on the reward for this Adhan to the Muadhdhins [2] (callers to prayer) of the nation of Muhammad {s}!”

    Then Israfil rises and says, “Oh ye angels! Bear witness that I donate the reward for this Khutba to all the Khatibs[3] of the nation of Muhammad {s}!” Then Mikha’il steps forth and says, “Oh angels, I too have made over the merit of leading this prayer to the Imam[4] of the nation of Muhammad {s}!” All the angels then present the merit for their prayer to those of the nation of Muhammad {s} who have prayed the Jum’a prayer.

    Then there comes a call from the Highest Lord, saying, “Oh Angels of Mine! Do you seek to outdo Me in generosity, whereas I am He who created all Generosity and Munificence! Hear then My Decree: whoever honors the day of Jum’a from among the nation of Muhammad {s}, man or woman alike, I will forgive them their sins and free them from the torments of Hell!” Thus He Almighty grants us His Grace and Mercy. Oh Allah, make us also recipients of Your Munificence and ease our way to reach such a degree of merit, for the honor of the Trusted Prophet Muhammad {s}, oh Most Merciful of the Merciful, Amin!

    “Then,” continued the Holy Prophet {S}, “we ascended to Sidratul Muntaha.”
    The Sidratul Muntaha 5

    Concerning the ‘Sidratul Muhtaha’, the learned ‘Ulama have proffered various differing opinions, particularly with regard to the statement: “It is called ‘Sidratul Muntaha’ (the lotus tree of the extreme limit) because it is the end of all that is knowable, and nobody can know what is beyond it.” Some others have explained: “Whoever comes from above, arrives here and cannot pass on further down. Whoever comes from below, reaches this point and cannot ascend further. Therefore it is called by this name.”
    Yet others try to explain it in this way: “The world of spirits ends at this point, therefore it is called the Lote tree of the extreme limit.” Ibn ‘Abbas tells us:


    “It is a tree which is made all of gold.

    Some of its boughs are made of emerald,

    some are of ruby.

    The tree measures a distance of one hundred and fifty years journey from its foot to its top.

    Its leaves resemble the ears of the elephant, and they are very great: a single one of them would cover the entire world. Its fruits are shaped like water jugs. The whole tree is engulfed by light.”

    The Holy Prophet {S} continues:

    “Upon this tree I saw such a number of angels that only Allah Almighty can know. They enfolded all the leaves of that tree and glittered like locusts, flashing like stars.”

    This holy verse was revealed concerning this vision:

    Indeed, he saw him another time by the Lote-Tree of the Boundary nigh which is the Garden of the Refuge, when there covered the Lote-Tree that which covered; his eye swerved not, nor swept astray. Indeed he saw one of the greatest signs of his Lord. (The Star, 13-18)

    The commentators interpret this verse as meaning that the whole tree was surrounded and embraced by the multitude of angels upon it. It is related that there were as many angels upon the leaves of that tree as there are stars in the sky and grains of sand in the earth.


    Some angels took the form of golden butterflies.

    All of them came to greet the Prophet of Allah r, and when they beheld his saintly beauty, they all gave thanks to the Lord and gave to him the assurance of Allah’s Mercy.

    They also made over all the merit of their devotional actions to the nation of Muhammad {s}.

    Jibra’il, too, had his place upon the branches of this tree, and his was a branch made of green emerald.

    It was at a height of one hundred thousand years of journeying. There is a leaf there,

    the breadth of which is that of the seven layers of the heavens and the seven beds of the earth.

    Upon it there is a carpet spread of light, and on it there is a Mihrab made of red ruby.

    This Mihrab is the place of the Angel Jibra’il. Before it was placed a seat of honor reserved for the Holy Prophet {S} upon which no one had sat since the day it was set in place.

    Each of these was surrounded by forty thousand stools upon which angels sat reciting the Injil.

    To the left there were also ten thousand stools made of beryl, and the angels seated upon them were writing out the Zabur.

    Forty thousand other angels reciting the Zabur surrounded each seat.

    Behind us there were again ten thousand stools of red ruby. The angels seated on these were writing out the Holy Quran, and around each stool there were seated another forty thousand angels reciting the Holy Quran.

    This has been explained as follows:


    The wisdom of the Torah being placed before Muhammad {s},

    the Injil to his right, and

    the Zabur to his left is this:

    before the Holy Prophet {S}, the Choice of all Humankind, had yet appeared in the world and begun fulfilling his mission, those Holy Scriptures had already been revealed.

    All of them contained descriptions of the Prophet to come and told of his characteristics and excellence, and of the preeminent position of his nation among all other, previous nations.

    The Holy Quran was placed behind him because its Judgment is to remain valid and unsurpassed until the Day of Judgment, and even the Day of Judgment would be conducted by its rulings. It is a sign of its remaining free and safe from abrogation, substitution, alteration or corruption.

    The Holy Prophet {S} continues:

    “Jibra’il then said to me, ‘Oh Rasulullah {S}, I have a request to make of you: that you would deign to pray two Rak’ats here, so that my Maqam might gain blessings from it.’ I therefore prayed a prayer of two Rak’ats there and all the angels of the Holy House and the Sidratul Muntaha followed suit.” In this way the Holy Prophet {S} was honored above the angels.
    The Four Streams of Paradise 5

    Rasulullah {S} continues his account:

    “Below this tree there flowed four streams, two of which were evident and two of which were hidden. Jibra’il told me,


    ‘The two hidden streams flow into the Gardens of Paradise, while the

    two visible ones flow down to the Earth.

    One of them is the Euphrates,

    the other is the Nile.’

    Then I beheld another stream, by the banks of which tents had been set up that were of ruby, pearls and chrysolite.

    By their banks flew birds of emerald green whose necks resembled the necks of camels.

    Jibra’il then said to me, ‘What you see here is the spring of Kawthar.

    Allah Almighty has made you a gift of it.’

    As it is written in the Holy Quran,

    Surely, We have given thee abundance (Kawthar); so pray unto thy Lord and sacrifice. Surely he that hates thee, he is the one cut off. (Abundance)

    “This stream flowed along over pebbles of rubies and emerald and its waters were whiter than milk. I took up a cup and drank from it. Its taste was sweeter than honey, and its scent more pleasing than musk.


    A spring gushed forth beneath that tree. Jibra’il told me its name: Salsabil.

    It was the source of two waters,

    one is Kawthar (Abundance);

    the other is Rahma (Mercy). Both streams flow before the gates of the Garden.

    “Those entering into Paradise drink from the waters of Kawthar, and when they do so, all the calamities of the heart, base character and bad habits disappear and they become cleansed.


    Then they bathe in the spring of Rahma (Mercy).

    The men assume the dimensions of Adam, who measured sixty yards in height and seven yards in breadth.

    They will all be thirty-three years of age and will have green moustaches.

    As for the ladies, they will emerge as virgin girls of eighteen and their virginity will not be rent.

    Thus they will enter into Paradise, and never again will they age and become old.

    The spring of Salsabil is the source of these waters.

    “Then I saw groups of angels passing in rows before the Sidra, and their rows were joined together. They formed such a long formation, that were a bird of swiftest flight to fly along it for a hundred years, he would not reach its other end. They moved faster than the wind, as swiftly as the arrow flies. I then asked Jibra’il, ‘Whence comes this great multitude of angels, and whither are they going? And when did they begin their passage?’ Jibra’il explained to me, saying, ‘They have been passing by since the time they were created, ceaselessly in passage. I know not whence they come nor whither they are going.’ I marveled at their great number, remarking on it under my breath. Instantly this verse was revealed to me through Jibra’il:

    ...and none knows the hosts of thy Lord but He. (Shrouded, 31)

    “Then they brought before me three bowls; one containing wine, one containing honey and a third containing milk. I chose the one with milk and drank from it. Jibra’il then said to me, ‘You have chosen the natural disposition of Islam and your nation will be firmly established in the religion of Islam. Had you chosen the cup of wine, your nation would have been a rebellious and fickle one.’

    “I saw an angel at the Sidra greater than all the other angels I had seen. He measured a thousand times thousand years’ wayfaring distance. This angel had seventy thousand heads. Every head had seventy thousand faces. On every face there were seventy thousand mouths. And each head was covered with seventy thousand cloths. Each one of these coverings was embellished with one thousand times thousand pearls. Each of these pearls was so great that there appeared a sea in its midst in which fish were swimming. Upon their backs was written the Kalimat-ut-Tawhid, the Declaration of Unity:


    “This angel engaged in exaltation of the Lord, placing one hand upon his head and one hand behind his back. The beauty of his voice was such that it caused a commotion at the Divine Throne itself. I asked Jibra’il to tell me who that angel was and he said, ‘The Lord Almighty created this angel two thousand years before He created Adam.’ I then asked where he had been all this time and where was his place of dwelling. Jibra’il replied, ‘In Paradise there is a place to the right of the Divine Throne, that is the abode of this angel. From there he was brought here.’
    Ramadan, the Blessed 5

    “I went up to him and greeted him and he rose in answer to my Salams. Then he spread his wings, and all the heavens and the Earth were covered by their expanse. He then kissed my face and said, ‘Good tidings to you, and to your nation!


    The Lord Almighty has decreed that your nation might have a singularly blessed month so that He might forgive them their sins.

    This holy month is the month of Ramadan and it is meant as a gift for you and your nation.

    For its sake your nation will find forgiveness. I have been sent here this very night to announce to you this great gladness.’

    Then I saw two boxes standing before him.

    On each of them there was a key of light.

    I asked that angel what was inside of those boxes. He told me, ‘In one of these boxes there are the letters of release from Hellfire for those among your nation who fast the whole month of Ramadan until the new moon, up till the Day of Judgment.’

    According to a different narration, the angel is to have said, “Every day of Ramadan,

    at the time of Iftar (the breaking of the fast), the Lord Almighty frees from Hellfire six hundred thousand of His servants who have fasted.

    When Jum’a (Friday) has come, He frees six hundred thousand prisoners every hour for twenty-four hours from Hellfire until the Night of Power has come.

    On that blessed night, that is to say, during the twenty-four hours making up that night and day, at the beginning of every hour the Lord frees from Hell as many of His servants as He has freed since the beginning of the holy month, including the Jum’a days.

    The last day of Ramadan, at the time of Iftar (the breaking of the fast), the Lord sets free as many of His servants as He has freed during the whole month, including the Jum’a days and the Night of Power.”

    The Holy Prophet {S} continues:


    “The angel told me that the other box contained this precious gift:

    ‘On the Day of Judgment, seventy thousand persons of your nation will be granted entry into Paradise without questioning or reckoning.

    Their release certificates are contained in this box. In addition to these seventy thousand, each one of them will be granted the release of another seventy thousand from among his friends and relations and other disobedient Muslims.

    They, too, will be released without reckoning and granted accession to the heavenly gardens.

    This box contains the letters of release for all of them. Tuba, glad tidings to you and your nation, oh Rasulullah {S}!’”

    By the term “Tuba” he meant to say, “Oh Rasulullah {S}, among all the countless and unbounded pleasures of the People of Paradise, the delights of the Tuba tree are reserved for you and your nation.”

    This expression is metaphorical; the part signifies the whole, and speaking about the Tuba tree, signifies the totality of delights in the entire heavenly realm. In the sense mentioned above, Tuba signifies a tree in Paradise. However, the word ‘tuba’ is also (grammatically) the feminine form of the word ‘atyab’, (which means better, more excellent). This can be interpreted as follows:

    “I give tidings of gladness to you and your nation; those who pass their days in the world in a good way and spend their time in a commendable fashion, who perform good works all their lives, and when they reach the end of their days will return their trusts in the light of faith, uttering the words of unity; whose questioning in the grave by the angels Munkar and Nakir will be made easy and whose graves will resemble a Garden of Paradise in which they will be at ease; who on the Day of Gathering will be gathered under the Banner of Praise and who will receive many gratifications under the shadow of the Great Throne; who will be given their book of accounts into their right hand and whose reckoning will be light; who will cross the bridge of the Sirat along with those who are the first to cross it, and who will by the Grace of Allah be of those who enter Paradise freely, without questioning or Judgment; who will be granted the sweetest of all bliss in being privileged to gaze upon the Divine Beauty of the Lord and thus will have attained their ultimate desire – these are the tidings I give to you and your nation, oh Muhammad {s}.”

    The Holy Prophet’s r report continues:

    “I then beheld another angel who had the shape and form of a rooster and was created from white pearls. This angel had seventy thousand wings to his left and seventy thousand wings to his right. On each wing there were seventy thousand feathers made of pearls, and seventy thousand feathers made of rubies, and seventy thousand feathers of red gold, and seventy thousand feathers of silver, and seventy thousand feathers of pure musk, and seventy thousand feathers made of camphor, and seventy thousand feathers of ambergris, and seventy thousand feathers made of saffron. He reached in height from the Throne to the lowest of the seven layers of the earth. On each one of his wings were written these words:

    Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Rahim, La ilaha ill’Allah, Muhammadan Rasulullah.

    Kullu shay’in halikun illa wajhahu, al-Wahid ul-Qahhar.

    (In the Name of Allah, the All-Merciful, the All-Compassionate. There is no God but Allah; Muhammad is Allah’s Messenger. All must perish save His Divine Countenance, He who is One, the All-Vanquishing.)

    “At every prayer time, this angel would raise his head and repeat the glorification:

    Bismillahil-‘azhim wa bi-hamdihi

    (In the Name of Allah, the Mighty and in Praise of Him.)

    “His Tasbih was thus:

    Subhanaka, ma a’zhama sha’nuka.

    (Praise be to Thee, how great is Thy Glory!)

    “After this, he would flap his wings together, and as he did this, wondrous sounds issue forth from this flapping. When these tones reach the Paradise Gardens, the boughs of the trees of Paradise would bend and sway against each other, and it would carry on to the ruby and garnet domes of Paradise which resound with melodious echo. These tones rouse the Huris and Ghilman of Paradise, and they say to each other, ‘Good news! The time for prayer has come to the nation of Muhammad {s}!’ Then, this great angel begins to move and his movement makes the Throne tremble. The Lord then asks him, ‘What makes you tremble?’ and the angel answers Him, ‘Oh my Lord, the nation of Muhammad {s} has risen for prayer, and yet there are among them such a great number of sinners. Therefore I tremble.’ The Lord thereupon says, ‘Oh angel, be unperturbed! I am obliged to dispense of My Mercy upon those who pray. Witness that I train upon them the Gaze of Mercy and that I have forgiven them. I have freed them from Hellfire, for the honor of My Beloved, I have granted them dwelling in the Paradise of Mawa.’ Thus the Lord proclaims His great Kindness and Munificence.”
    The Angel Jibra’il’s Appearance 5

    The Mercy to all the Worlds r continued his narration:

    “Here, too, I beheld the angel Jibra’il in his very own shape and form. He had six hundred wings, which were made of various kinds of jewels and pearls. Whenever he would open up a pair of these wings. They filled all the space between east and west. The wings were embellished by all sorts of precious stones. It would have taken a swift-flying bird five hundred, or according to other sources, seven hundred years to measure the distance from one shoulder to the other.

    “Then we came to an open space from where we could hear the sounds of the writing of the Divine Pen. I said to Jibra’il, ‘Go ahead’, but Jibra’il answered, ‘You go ahead, for in the eyes of Allah you are more honored than I and all the world.’ I then passed on ahead of him and Jibra’il went behind me. We came unto a veil of gold. Jibra’il shook the veil and a voice was heard from behind it, saying, ‘Who are you?’ Jibra’il answered, ‘I am Jibra’il, and Muhammad {s} is with me.’ From within the veil this angel intoned: ‘Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar.’ From behind the curtain came a voice which said, ‘My servant has spoken truly, I am indeed the Greatest, no Greatness is due to any but Me.’

    “Then the angel called, ‘Ash-hadu an la ilaha ill’Allah.’ Again there was a call, ‘My servant has spoken truly, Ana la ilaha illa ana, I am He beside whom there is no other God.’ The angel repeated the words of the Shahada, ‘Ash-hadu anna Muhammadan Rasulullah, I bear witness that Muhammad {s} is the Prophet of Allah.’ Again there was a call, 'My servant has spoken truly, I have sent Muhammad {s} as My Messenger-Prophet. ’ Then I heard the angel say, ‘Hayy ‘ala-s-sala, Hayy ‘alal-falah.’ Another call was heard, ‘My servant has spoken truly; he calls My servants to come to Me, worshipful. I have invited them to My gate, and whoever answers My invitation, will be saved and meet with success.’ Thereafter I heard the angel say, ‘Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar.’ Another call came, ‘My servant has spoken the Truth: Ana Akbar, I am the Greatest.’ The angel then said, ‘La ilaha ill’Allah’. A call came, saying, ‘My servant has spoken truly, there is no God but I.’

    “Then I heard another call, ‘Oh Muhammad {s}, Allah has honored you with perfect honor over all those who went before you and who are yet to come.’ I then asked Jibra’il, ‘Who is this angel?’ Jibra’il told me, ‘I swear by the Might and Glory of Allah who has sent you as His Messenger of Truth: I have never seen this angel, I do not know who he is or anything about him, but you are now about to find out.’ I then asked, ‘Are you not going any further then? Does a true friend leave his friend in midstream?’ Jibra’il then said, ‘Oh Rasulullah {S}, every angel has his place and station beyond which he cannot go. If I advance even the breadth of a finger, the Wrath of Allah will burn me. My ultimate station is the Sidratul Muntaha. Up to this very moment, I have never gone as far as this point. For your sake and honor, however, I have been given permission, and I have brought you here. But I can proceed no further than this.’

    “Then I asked, ‘Is there anything you request of the Lord Almighty? If there is anything you desire, I will ask it of Him.’ Jibra’il answered, ‘My request of the Lord is that He permit me, when your nation is ordered to march across the Bridge of the Sirat, to spread my wing across that bridge and assist them in crossing it in safety in this way.’

    “Then an angel stretched forth his hand from behind the veil, and in less time than the blinking of an eye, he pulled me through to the farther side. Then he said to me, ‘Oh Rasulullah {S}, proceed ahead of me.’ In a short while, he had brought me before a curtain of pearls. When he stirred the curtain, an angel’s voice was heard from behind it, asking, ‘Who is this?’ The angel accompanying me said, ‘I am the angel of the golden curtain and with me is the most-honored Prophet of the Lord.’ The angel behind the veil then said, ‘Allahu Akbar’ and, stretching out his hand from behind the veil, he pulled me across. In as little time as it takes for the eye to blink, I had traversed the curtain and found myself standing before him, where he greeted me with every mark of honor and respect.
    Rafraf 5

    “In this way I passed through seventy thousand veils, each one of them made of a different kind of jewel. The distance between each of these curtains was one of five hundred years’ wayfaring, and the thickness of each was that of another five hundred years. When I had passed through all of the veils, I remained all alone. Then Rafraf came to me and became visible in the shape of a green settee, which greeted me with greetings of peace. He spoke to me, saying, ‘Seat yourself upon me, for I will be your transport.’”

    During the night of his Mi’raj, the Holy Prophet {S} journeyed upon five different conveyances: the first was the Buraq, which took him up to al-Quds (Jerusalem). The second was the Mi’raj (the steps) on which he ascended up into the earthly skies. The third was the angel Jibra’il ’s wing; on it he approached as far the veil. The fourth were the angels who pulled him from one veil to the next. The fifth was the Rafraf; with this he proceeded as far as Allah Almighty wished him to go.
    Kursi 5

    The Holy Prophet {S} continues:

    “I mounted upon the Rafraf and it took me as far as the Kursi (Divine Courtyard). The Lord Almighty has created the Kursi from pearls, and it is very great, so great it is that it defies all description.”

    In the Holy Quran, Allah says about the Kursi:

    His Throne (Kursi) comprises the heavens and the earth; the preserving of whom oppresses Him not. (The Cow, 255)

    The most excellent of commentators, Ibn ‘Abbas, says about this in his commentary:

    “If the seven layers of the earth and the seven layers of the heavens were put together and spread out, next to the Kursi they would be as a tiny ring which has been lost in a desert.” Between the Kursi (Divine Court) and the ‘Arsh (Divine Throne) there are seventy veils. If not for these, the angels of the Kursi would be burnt from the Light of the Divine Throne (‘Arsh).

    The Holy Prophet {S} continued his blessed narration:

    “I passed beyond those veils. Between each of the veils, I beheld various thrones that were bedecked with fine throws studded with many gems. All around the thrones curtains were drawn, as if these thrones were still waiting for their occupants. An air of expectancy surrounded these bejeweled seats of honor. I asked the guardians of these thrones, ‘Who is to be seated upon them?’ and they answered me, ‘They will be occupied by the spirits.’


    I asked, ‘The spirits of which prophets are they meant for?’ and I was told, ‘These are not for those ranking among the prophets; their ranks are far beyond that.

    These thrones are intended for the spirits of two groups from among your nation.’ I asked again, ‘Whose are these spirits?’ And I was told,

    ‘One group is made up of those who have learned by heart the words of the Holy Quran revealed to you, who understand its meaning and who act in accordance to its injections.

    The other group comprises those who rise at night to worship their Lord when all the world lies fast asleep.’”

    “Indeed, I beheld many wondrous marvels between the layers of these veils.

    I saw numberless strange seas and within them strange and wondrous creatures.

    I saw many angels of dreadful guise, but to comprehend them or describe or explain them exceeds all human means.

    ‘Arsh 5

    “After passing through all the veils, I reached the Divine Throne.


    Allah has created it of green emeralds and it has four legs of red ruby.

    The Divine Throne has as many tongues as there are created beings, and each of these glorifies the Lord unceasingly.

    An angel holds on to each one of the feet of the Divine Throne and holds it aloft until the Day of Judgment.

    On that day, there will be two angels holding each foot of the Throne, eight angels in all.

    The size of these angels is such that the distance between the heel and the ankles of each is that of five hundred years’ wayfaring, and from their earlobe to their neck is another five hundred years’ traveling distance.

    “The Throne-bearing angels never once raise their heads to gaze upwards, for the dazzling gleam of the light of the Throne.

    One of these angels has the form of a man, and he is always praying, interceding on behalf of humankind, that they may be granted their sustenance and provisions and that their sins may be forgiven.

    The second one of these angels has the shape of an eagle and he is always praying for the provision of the birds and flying creatures.

    The third of these angels has the form of a lion, and he prays for the beasts of prey to be given their provisions.

    The fourth one is shaped like an ox and he prays constantly for the ruminant animals to be granted their provisions.

    “Compared to the greatness of the Divine Throne, the entire Divine Court,


    the seven heavens and the seven layers of the earth are as a single lamp suspended beneath the sky.

    All around it are seventy thousand rows of angels circumambulating it at all times,

    reciting Takbir (‘Allahu Akbar’) and

    Tahlil (‘La ilaha illAllah’).

    Behind them are again seventy thousand rows of angels standing upright and reciting Takbir and Tahlil. Behind them are one hundred thousand rows of angels who hold their right hands clasped over their left hands and each one of them recites a different Tasbih. Seventy thousand veils separate these angels from the Divine Throne.

    “Then I beheld a single pearl of emerald green upon which was written this line of writing:

    La ilaha illallah, Muhammad-ur-Rasulullah,
    Abu Bakr as-Siddiq wa ‘Umar al-Faruq

    There is no god but the one true god (al-lah);
    Muhammad is the messenger of allah.
    Abu bakr ‑ the truthful, and ‘umar ‑ the one who distinguishes truth from falsehood.


    “The Declaration of Unity (Kalimat-at-Tawhid) is written on the base that supports the Divine Throne, and upon the legs of the Throne itself, and

    it is written over the gates of the Seven Heavens.

    Sometimes, this phrase was added: ‘I have strengthened him through Ali.’

    “When I reached the Divine Throne, I witnessed great events. One drop fell from the Throne into my mouth and the sweetness of it surpassed everything I have ever tasted.

    When I had swallowed it, the Lord of the Universe enlightened my heart with the knowledge and wisdom of all that had gone before and was yet to come.

    The light from the Throne surrounded me and I was engulfed by it. I was aware of nothing but that light. When faced with this light, I perceived everything through my heart’s eye as clearly as though I were looking through my eyes. I perceived what was behind me as clearly as that, which was before me, at a level with my chest.

    “After all this occurred, I came into a state when I heard absolutely nothing, not the voices of the angels, nor the sound of any other thing. This state caused me to experience great terror. Then I suddenly heard a voice that seemed to be the voice of Abu Bakr saying to me, ‘Qif, ya Muhammad, inna rabbuka yusalli. (Stay your step, oh Muhammad {s}, for your Lord is praying blessing.’) When I heard this voice, all the terror departed from me completely, and I began to wonder, ‘What is Abu Bakr doing here? Has he surpassed me, I wonder? And what does this mean, the Lord is praying, the Lord Who is free from all exigence! What could be the meaning of all this?’”

    This is a very important subject which needs to be well understood: the reason for the Holy Prophet {S} proceeding to the Divine Throne was not to see the Lord Almighty, for Almighty God is exempt from any particular place. The Holy Prophet {S}was taken to these stations in order to witness the entirety of creation, and to see the manifestation of the Divine Lord’s Supreme Majesty and Power, as He says in these verses of the Holy Quran:

    Indeed, he saw one of the greatest signs of his Lord. (The Star, 18)

    ...that We might show him some of Our signs. (The Night Journey, 1)

    Apart from this, there is another matter that it is crucial to understand: Let it not be imagined that the greatness of the things described in this account are exaggerated, as the Lord has described in the aforementioned verses.

    Indeed, he saw one of the greatest signs of his Lord. (The Star, 18)

    As the Lord of the Worlds Himself here describes a thing as being ‘great’; how great then must it be! For perhaps the Holy Prophet {S}has given us only a summary report of what he saw in accordance with our minds’ capacity; most of what he saw he did not reveal to us, for it is not possible to give a description of the greatest things that he witnessed, as the mind of man is not equipped to comprehend such things. Therefore, he did not mention those matters; this must be understood.
    The Vision of the Divine Beauty 5

    The Holy Prophet {S} continues his account:

    “When I reached to the Divine Throne, I wished to remove my sandals, but the Throne spoke to me and said, ‘Oh Beloved of Allah r, step upon me with your blessed sandal, so that I might rub the dust from it on my face, and take pride in the fact that the dust from the sandal of the Beloved of Allah r has fallen upon me.’

    “Again I tried to remove my sandals, but this time a call came to me from the Divine Person, saying, ‘Oh My Beloved, do not remove your sandals so that My Throne might be honored and blessed with the dust from the soles of your sandals.’


    I then entreated my Lord, saying, ‘When You called the Prophet Musa to come to the mountain of Tur (Sina’i),

    You ordered him to remove his sandals.’ Again this word came to me from the Divine Person, saying,

    ‘In My view, you are more cherished and honored than he; Musa was My Word (Kalimullah), whereas you are My Beloved (Habibullah). Look ahead and see what you will see!’

    “I looked and I saw a great sea, so great that there was no end to it, and no shore in sight. On its near side there was a tree, and upon that tree, there was a bird the size of a dove. In its beak this bird bore a piece of clay as big as a lentil. ‘Do you know what this is?’ I was asked. I answered, ‘My Lord knows best.’ And He Almighty told me, ‘You are forever entreating Me to forgive your nation their sins. This sea is the likeness of the Sea of Mercy. That tree signifies the world, the dove-like bird is the likeness of your nation and that bit of clay is the likeness of their sins. Now you have seen the relation of your nation’s sins to the vastness of My Mercy, so let your heart be at rest.’”

    When the secret of that, which the mind is incapable of grasping, was revealed to the Holy Prophet {S} in this Holy Verse of the Quran:

    He stood poised, being on the higher horizon, then drew near and suspended hung, two bows’-length away, or nearer, then revealed to His servant that He revealed. His heart lies not of what he saw; what, will you dispute with him what he sees?

    (The Star, 6-12)

    He, the Almighty, addressed him in the following words:

    “Draw nearer to Me, oh you Best of all Mankind! Draw nigh, oh Ahmad, oh Muhammad, so that The Friend may be in intimate association with His friend!”

    In this way, the Holy Prophet {S} was granted the unmediated vision of the Sublime Beauty of He who is beyond all space and time, free from all conditions or qualities, the Unmitigated Principal of all things.

    This is the avowed preference of the Ahl as-Sunna wal-Jama’ah (People of the Sunnah of Prophet {S} and the Majority).
    The Tahiyyat Prayer 5

    To continue with the Holy Prophet's {s} account:

    “When faced with the unparalleled honor of a glimpse of the Lord’s Divine Beauty, it came to me to express myself in the following words:

    At-tahiyyatu li-llahi was-salawatu wat-tayyibatu.

    (Salutations be to Allah, all praise and glory to Him; all worship and good works are due to Him Almighty) which is to say, ‘All praise, exaltation and worship in speech, all worship through actions and property is due to the Almighty alone, the only One to whom worship is due.’

    After I had pronounced these words, the Lord of Might and Glory answered me, saying:

    As-salamu ‘alayka ayyuha-n-nabiyyu wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu;

    (And salutations to you, oh Prophet, and the Mercy of Allah and His Blessings) which is to say, ‘Peace be upon you, oh Prophet; may you be safe from the trouble and difficulties of this world and the next, oh My glorious Prophet! May the Mercy and Blessings of Allah be upon you.’

    “In this way, He proffered very special greetings upon me. In response, I said:

    As-Salamu ‘alayna wa ‘ala ‘ibadillahi-s-salihin;

    (And peace be upon us and upon the righteous servants of the Lord), that is to say, ‘May the peace of this world and the next be upon us, for our answering and acceptance of these greetings, upon all us Prophets of the Lord, and upon His righteous servants, which is the name given to the nation of Muhammad.’

    “Jibra’il was informed of this secret, and from his post he concluded:

    Ash-hadu an la ilaha ill’Allah, wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan ‘abduhu wa rasuluh.

    (I bear witness that there is no god but Allah and I bear witness that Muhammad is His Servant and His Prophet.)

    After this, Allah Almighty, the Possessor of Majesty and Glory, asked me, ‘Do you know, oh Muhammad, which actions the inhabitants of the heavens approve of and what they desire to be done?’ I replied, ‘Oh my Lord, I know nothing, and You know everything; moreover all that is hidden and secret.’ Again the Lord spoke to me and said, ‘Oh Muhammad, do you know what actions the heavenly hosts love and approve of?’ Again I replied, ‘Oh my Lord, I know it not, for You know all things, and you know all that is hidden.’ After this, He in His Grace and Infinite Kindness and Benevolence taught me all the knowledge I was in need of.

    “Then again He asked me the same question, ‘Do you know what actions the heavenly hosts rejoice in and are happy to see performed?’ This time I answered, ‘They are happy with works that are performed in compensation for sins committed and with works that lead to raised stations in Paradise - those are the works the heavenly folk rejoice in.’ The Lord of Hosts continued to ask me, ‘And what are these works that are compensation for sins committed?’ I answered, ‘On a cold day, to perform one’s ablutions with cold water and in such a way that one’s limbs are wetted entirely; to walk the distance required to join the prayer in congregation; after having prayed one prayer, to wait for the next (that is to say, to make ready as the time approaches, and to wait in readiness); these are actions that are compensation for sins. Whoever performs such works, he will live his life in goodness and righteousness and only good will be his lot. He will be as pure as on the day his mother brought him into the world.’”

    The meaning of these last two statements can be understood as referring to good works in general, but it can also be understood as supplication and incentive, in which case it would be read as follows:

    “Whoever persists in these three actions, I pray and plead that his may be a goodly life. May he always be surrounded by goodness and remain as pure as on the day he was born.”

    To pursue the Holy Prophet’s account:

    “Then my Lord resumed His questioning and said, ‘Which are those actions that lead to high stations in Paradise?’ And I answered, ‘To share food with people and to show hospitality, to give Salams to a Muslim whom one encounters on the road, to rise for prayer at night when everyone is asleep ‑ these three actions lead to high stations in Paradise.’

    “After this the Lord Almighty said to me, ‘Speak, oh Muhammad!’ ‘What shall I say, oh my Lord?’ I answered. He said, ‘Recite this Du’a:’

    Allahumma inni as’aluka ‘amalan bil-hasanati wa tarkan lil-munkirati, wa idha aradta bi-qawmin fitnatan wa ana fi-him, fa-qbidni ilayka ghayra maftun.

    (Oh my Lord, I ask of You to be granted good works and to be released from bad actions, and should You have decreed disaster for a people and I should be among them, then take me from their midst before calamity takes its toll.)”

    The Leader of the World, the Foremost and Elect of all the Sons of Adam, the Messenger of Allah, Muhammad {s} thus reached the Station of Nearness and was granted the vision of Divine Beauty. From the Station of the Knowledge of Certainty (‘ilm al-yaqin), he passed to the Station of the Witnessing of Certainty (‘ayn al-yaqin) through holding direct converse with the Lord of Majesty and Might. His blind faith in the unseen was turned into faith supported by direct witnessing. The Exalted Lord Almighty informs of this in the revelation of this verse of the Holy Quran:

    The Messenger believes in what was sent down to him from his Lord.

    (The Cow, 285)

    Here the word ‘messenger’ (rasul) indicates Rasulullah, Muhammad our Prophet {S}.

    The Holy Prophet {S} recounts:

    “Concerning the above mentioned verse, I said, ‘Yes my Lord, I believe in all that has been revealed aforetime.’ The Lord then asked, ‘And who else believed in it?’ I said, ‘And the believers; each one believes in God.’ (The Cow, 285) The Lord then asked again, ‘And what else do they believe in?’ I replied, ‘’And His angels, and His Books and His Messengers. We make no division between any of His Messengers (The Cow, 285); we accept and confirm them all.’ The Lord then asked, ‘What did the believers say when the revelation came to them with the laws and injunctions from their Lord?’ I answered, ‘They said, ‘We hear, and obey (The Cow, 285) oh my Lord!’ The Lord then said, ‘You have spoken truly, oh Muhammad, for they have received My Word and pledged obedience to My Commands. Now ask of Me what you wish, it will be granted.’

    “To this I said, ‘Oh Lord, grant us Thy Forgiveness; unto Thee is the homecoming. (The Cow, 285) Admit us to Your Divine Presence having granted us Your Mercy and Forgiveness.’ Thereupon the Almighty replied, ‘I have forgiven you and your nation.’ And after this, the Lord of Majesty and Might spoke:

    God charges no soul save to its capacity, standing to its account is what it has earned, and against it what it has merited. (The Cow, 286)

    “And after this, He said, ‘Oh Muhammad, this night is the night of gifts, ask therefore for whatever you wish, it will be granted.’ I then said,

    Our Lord, take us not to task if we forget or make mistake. (The Cow, 286)

    “The Lord then said, ‘I have forgiven you and your nation for whatever sins they have committed from heedlessness and forgetfulness. And I have forgiven them the sins that they were forced to commit. So ask again, it will be granted.’ I said,

    ‘Our Lord, charge us not with a load such as Thou didst lay upon those before us.’” (The Cow, 286)

    The Holy Prophet {S} wished to express this: “Do not charge us with as heavy a load as that which You laid upon previous nations.” This alludes to previous injunctions, which required the giving away of one fourth of one’s possessions in Zakat, the cutting off of a defiled piece of clothing; swift punishment for crimes committed, and similar punishments. For instance, something that was permitted to them before was forbidden to them as a punishment for their crimes; if they committed a sin during the night, it would be written upon their foreheads or above their doors, in express letters, stating the crime and the punishment due to the perpetrator: “This man has committed a crime during the night and as a punishment, he must kill himself (for instance, by burning or by cutting off certain limbs).” Thus the sins they committed were out in the open and on that account they suffered public disgrace.

    The obligation to always pray in their churches was also imposed on them; it was not lawful for them to pray in any other place. On a day of fasting, it was forbidden to them to take any food or drink after the onset of the night, or to approach their women after that hour.

    To continue with the Holy Prophet's {s} narration:

    “I made supplication for my nation that they might not be burdened with all the weight that previous nations had to bear. My Lord then said to me, ‘I have granted ease to your nation and made their burdens light. So ask of Me what you want, it will be granted.’ Then I said, (in reference to disasters and calamities):

    Our Lord, do Thou not burden us beyond what we have the strength to bear.

    (The Cow, 286)

    “The Lord answered, ‘I will not place upon you and your nation burdens which exceed their strength to carry them. But ask more of Me, I will grant it.’ ‘I replied, ‘Pardon us!’ (The Cow, 286); ‘ and He replied, ‘I have pardoned you and your nation.’ ‘Forgive us!’ (The Cow, 286).’ ‘I have forgiven you and your nation.’”

    According to another version, the Holy Prophet {S} here explicitly asked for pardon for each and every act of disobedience, to each of which the Lord Almighty replied, “I have forgiven them.”

    The Prophet {S} continues,

    “At last I said, ‘Have mercy on us’, (The Cow, 286), and the Lord answered, ‘I have mercy on you.’ Then I said, ‘Thou art our Protector;’ (The Cow, 286) and the Lord said, ‘The Friend and Protector of all believers is Allah Almighty, Lord of Might and Glory; the unbelievers have no Protecting Friend.’ Then I said, ‘And help us against the people of the unbelievers’. (The Cow, 286) And the Lord replied, ‘Up to the Day of Judgment, I have made you and your nation to be victorious over the unbelievers.’ The Lord then asked again, saying, ‘Oh My Beloved, other than this, if there is anything you should wish for, ask it of Me, for I will grant it to you.’ Thereupon I said, ‘Oh my Lord, you have chosen Ibrahim to be Your intimate friend, and have spoken to Musa without intermediary. To Da’ud You granted great possessions, and made iron to be soft as wax in his hand; You have made the mountains and its stones and the birds of the air to be subservient to his command, so that they joined him in singing Your praises. Idris You have transferred to a high place. To Sulayman You gave a kingdom and such possession as no one after him will ever come to possess and enjoy. And You made subservient to him mankind and Jinn, the demons and wild beasts, the birds and the winds. And You also taught him the tongues of the birds and the beasts. To ‘Isa You gave knowledge of the Torah and the Injil, and by his prayer, You made the blind see, the afflicted whole, and the ailing to regain their health; You made him revive the dead, and You made him and his mother safe from the wiles of the devil and gave them protection. What will be the equivalent gift You will make to me?’

    “The Lord Almighty replied to this in all His Grandeur and Majesty, saying, ‘Oh Muhammad, I have chosen you as My Beloved, just as I chose Ibrahim as My faithful friend. To be the Beloved of Allah is even more excellent than being His bosom friend. I have also privileged you with the vision of My Divine Beauty, and I have spoken to you without intermediary, even as I spoke to Musa.’

    “‘Beyond this, I have given you the chapters of the Quran, ‘al-Fatiha’ (The Opening) and the end of ‘al-Baqara’ (The Cow), which are both from the treasure troves of My Divine Throne. These were not given to any Prophet before you, but reserved for you and your nation.’

    “‘Also, I have sent you as My Messenger to all the peoples of the world, to mankind and to Jinn, be they black or white or of any other description; never before have I sent a Prophet with so universal a mission.’

    “‘I have made the whole earth a means of cleansing for your nation. When you find water and are sound enough to perform your ablutions, make Wudu and take your Ghusl. But when you do not find water or you have not the strength to wash, you may perform tayammum and cleanse yourself by means of the dust of the earth.’

    “‘I have made the whole Earth to be as a Masjid, a place for prayer, so that wherever you may find yourselves, you may pray and perform your worship.’

    “‘I have made lawful to you and your nation the spoils of war, so that you may profit from them. To previous nations these were not lawful.’

    “‘And I have strengthened you in that I have cast fear into the heart of your enemy, even if there is a distance of one month’s journey between you and them.’

    “‘I have granted you the right of intercession for whomever you desire. I have sent down to you the greatest and most august of all revealed scriptures, the Glorious Quran. And I have split your breast and removed from you all sinfulness.’

    “I have elevated your name, for wherever My Name is mentioned, there your name is pronounced as well.’

    Did He not find thee an orphan, and shelter thee? Did He not find thee erring, and guide thee? Did He not find thee needy, and suffice thee? (The Forenoon, 6-8)

    “When the Lord Almighty had spoken to me thus, all I could answer was, ‘Yes, my Lord, all these great favors You have bestowed upon me and honored me beyond all measure.’

    “Then the Lord spoke again and said, ‘Among all the people belonging to your nation, I have made one group in whose hearts resides the Holy Quran. (The Holy Quran is easy to memorize, to be learned by heart and recited from memory.) This was not given to other nations before yours; they did not commit to memory the books their prophets brought to them. This privilege I have reserved for your nation alone. I have made your nation more excellent than all previous nations; your nation is a nation of the middle way, and a nation of justice.’

    “‘You I have created before anything else, and I have sent you on your prophetic mission as the last of all the Prophets. I have given you to drink from the waters of Kawthar (abundance), and I have given you eight shares; these are: Islam, the Hijra (migration), war against ignorance, Salat (ritual prayer), Zakat (obligatory donations to the poor), the fast of Ramadan, enjoining good and discouraging evil (amr-bil-ma’ruf wa nahiy-’an-il-munkar).’’

    “After the Lord stopped speaking, I asked Him, ‘Oh my Lord, after I had passed and seen all of creation, I experienced a moment of extreme terror. At that moment, I heard a voice that sounded to me exactly like the voice and inflection of Abu Bakr, and it said to me, ‘Oh Muhammad {s}, stay your step! For Allah is praying (raining His blessings).’ When I heard this, two questions arose in my mind. One was this: Has Abu Bakr overtaken me and come here before I have? The second question on my mind was this: My Lord has no need to pray, and yet I am told He is praying, what can that mean?’

    “The Lord then answered me, ‘Indeed, I have no need to turn to any in prayer, but recite the verse which I have revealed unto you:

    It is He who blesses you, and His angels, to bring you forth from the shadows into the light. He is All Compassionate to the believers. (The Confederates, 43)

    This verse will teach you that the meaning of My prayer is nothing but Mercy for you and for your nation.’

    ‘As for Abu Bakr, oh Muhammad, it is as with the staff of the Prophet Musa, your brother among the Prophets. Musa always had his staff with him and it was for him something familiar and friendly. Therefore, when on the mountain of Tur (Sina’i) he was nearly overcome with awe as the Divine Call came to him, We addressed him, saying, ‘What is that in your hand, oh Musa?’ and Musa answered Me and said, ‘It is my staff.’ When he remembered the name of this familiar object, the excessive dread and awe he felt at the Divine Call departed from him. In this instance you are like Musa, oh Muhammad. The most familiar being in this world and the closest to you is your friend Abu Bakr. When you were in the grip of awesome terror, We created an angel for you in the shape and form of your familiar friend Abu Bakr and gave him his voice and tone with which to speak to you, so that you might feel the comfort of that familiarity when you heard him speak. Then the awesomeness and terror left you entirely, and so that you were not totally overcome by the majesty of this revelation and were able to ask what you wish from the Divine Essence. By means of this familiarity you were able to speak normally and without dread. I have in My Divine Majesty made Myself free from all defect and weakness, and My Mercy outstrips My Wrath. Therefore, state your wishes, and ask of Me whatever you need and desire.’

    “After these words, the Lord added, ‘What of the Angel Jibra’il’s request, which he asked you to make?’ I replied, ‘Oh my Lord, You are the All-Knowing; there is no need to speak of it, as You know already, all Bounty and Munificence being Thine.’ The Lord replied to this, ‘I do grant his request and fulfill his wish. On the Day of Judgment when your nation prepares to cross the Bridge of Sirat, let them take a hold of his wing and cross with ease. Only the ones who loved you and your companions will cross with ease; I grant My Divine Sanction.’

    “To this I rejoined, ‘Oh Lord, you have sent punishment upon the nations that went before mine in many and varied forms. There were some upon whom You sent a rain of stones to destroy them; while others you drowned in the waters. Some were destroyed by Jibra’il’s shout, and some You caused the Earth to swallow. Some perished when You sent against them a rain of fire, and others died in a harsh, bitter wind. Oh Lord, what will become of my nation after I have gone?’

    “The Lord of Mercy and Munificence, the Lord of the Universe then intoned in all His Majesty and Splendor, ‘My Wrath has been spent on those nations before thine; upon your nation I will shower only Mercy. I will transform their badness into good actions. To the corrupt among them I will grant the gift of repentance, and bring them into a good state of being. I will deliver them from their bad traits and help them acquire good characteristics. I will rid them of their ignorance and change their minds to understanding and perfect knowledge. Whoever calls upon Me, saying, ‘Oh My Lord!’ and turns to Me with true humility in his heart, to him I will answer, ‘I am at your service, oh My servant; tell Me what it is that you desire, and I will create it.

    ‘To you I give the right of intercession for your nation, oh Muhammad, you may be the advocate on their behalf, and I pledge to accept all your intercession.’

    “And then He Almighty said, ‘Oh Muhammad, I have not made your nation excessively wealthy, so that their accounts will not be overly long. And I have not made their bodies very great, so that they might not require much of worldly food and drink and dress. I have not made their lives to be exceedingly long, so that their hearts might not be blackened by pride in reliance upon a long lifespan and that they might always be aware of death and make their preparations for the afterlife that follows. I have not made death to come to them suddenly, but I have made illness precede it and provide a cause, so that they might not meet with a sudden death when they have plunged and sunk in the sea of heedlessness. When they fall ill, they repent of their sins, they pay their debts, they try to make up for past mistakes and shortcomings, and they make their last will and testament. I have brought them into the world after every other nation, so that their time in the grave might be of short duration; they will remain trapped in their tombs only until all the people of their nation have come and gone. When that is done, their time is up and they will attain to their blissful stations in Paradise, enjoying its undying delights.’

    “Then the Lord said to me, ‘Oh Muhammad, sometimes your nation will be obedient to Me, at other times they will be rebellious. Their obedience to Me meets with My Pleasure, and to Me are acceptable all their works, which accord to My Good Pleasure; I forgive them their minor misdoings and accord to them generous recompense. For I am the All-Bountiful, and I show Myself to them in My aspect of Bounty. The disobedient among them are subject to My Judgment; but because it is the Judgment of past eternity, I forgive them their disobedience, for I am the All-Merciful, and I show them My Mercy.’

    “And then He said, ‘Oh Muhammad, say to your nation: ‘The Lord Almighty says to you: just as you love a person for that he shows you loving kindness and generosity, I am much more deserving of your love and affection than any other in this world. For I have created you when you were naught and I have given you a pleasing form and fine limbs and I continue to ceaselessly shower you with innumerable blessings. Not a moment passes in which I do not bestow upon you a new form of goodness. Therefore you ought to love Me more than any other, obeying My Commands and submitting to My Law.’

    “And again, He Almighty says to you, ‘If you are going to fear anything that dwells between Heaven and earth, it is I whom you ought to fear more than any, for My Power pervades all and everything. My chastisement is violent and swift, no one can flee or hide from it, or run to another master in order to save himself from Me, for no one has such powers. As this is the reality, you must beware of acting contrary to My wishes and commands.’

    “And the Lord said, ‘If you are going to ask of any, I am most worthy of being asked, for it is I alone who accepts all prayers of need and fulfills all wants.’ And He says: ‘You feel shame and regret when you have ill-treated someone or been unkind, whereas I am the most deserving of your shame and remorse, for I have brought you into being when you were naught and to this very moment I have heaped upon you endless gifts and blessings. I have made you safe from all manner of affliction, and yet you disregard My injunctions and do what I have forbidden to you. Therefore, contrition is your due and restraint from actions that I have prohibited. Obey Me and My Commands!’

    “And the Lord addresses Himself to you, saying, ‘If you choose for reasons of personal and covetous choice, I am the most deserving of your preference, for I am your Creator, and your Provider, and the only object of your worship. Therefore, turn to Me, worshipful, in your actions and with meritorious conduct.’ All this He Almighty commanded me to expound to you.’
    Allah Complains About the Ummah 5

    “Then Allah Almighty complained to me about my nation. One of His objections was this: ‘I do not ask of them to perform anything ahead of time, all I ask is for them to do what they should in its own time. But, by contrast, they ask of Me to provide them ahead of time. While I have provided them perfectly for so many years, they are not satisfied, even though they do not know whether their lives will last long enough to use up what they have been given. Even so, their greed for the things of this world is ever increasing, and they complain of not having the wherewithal of a livelihood, always asking for more. Do they not regard the birds in the skyways? Every morning the birds of the fields leave their nests with empty crops to return in the evenings having eaten their fill, though the whole world be covered in snow. Does not your nation take a lesson from this? While the whole world is covered in snow and not a speck of earth is to be seen, He who provides the birds with their shares, will He not provide them also with their own portions? Why does your nation not place their reliance on Him who has forever guaranteed their subsistence?

    “‘The second complaint is this: ‘I do not give their provisions to any other than them; in spite of this, they perform actions for the sake of other than Me (that is to say, they behave hypocritically and occasion false appearances).

    “‘My third complaint is this: While they are consuming the portions that I have provided for them, their gratitude goes out to someone else. They will say, for instance, ‘In my vineyard I had a harvest such an amount and from my fields such an amount, from my trade so much.’ But was it not I who caused the vines to grow in his vineyard and the crops in his field, and who gave him success in his commerce? Why do they remember Me not and mention not My Name when they speak of the yields of their vineyards and fields, and the profits of their trade? Wherefrom is this heedlessness; do they feel no shame?’

    “‘And My fourth complaint is this: Mine is all Might and Glory; it is I who grants Honor in this world, in the grave and in the world to come. Even so, they still look to honors coming from other sources. They will say, for instance, ‘Were I only to occupy high office, I would surely grow very rich.’ Thus they expect honor to come to them through riches and high office, whereas all these are only of a passing nature. When death comes to them, all connection ceases. Does that signal true honor? It is My Command, by which they must abide, it is I who gives them Honor and Dignity in this world and the next.’

    “‘My fifth complaint against them is this: I have created Hell for the unbelievers. Why is it that they persist in performing actions that will land them in Hellfire?’

    “To these charges against my nation, I replied, ‘Oh my Lord, Your Word is true, my nation is guilty of all that You have laid against it. But You are He who covers all shame and forgives all sins; You are the Supremely Rich and Generous, the Clement and All-Forgiving Lord (ar-ra’uf wa-r-rahim). In Your Infinite Grace and Kindness, forgive them their failings, conceal their disgrace, and in Your Endless Benevolence, pardon their great and small sins! Let them be overtaken by Your Boundless Mercy and with Your All-Gracious Compassion lead them into the Paradise, oh My Lord!’

    “In answer to this supplication, the Lord Almighty said to me, ‘Had your nation not been so sinful, I would have created a nation of sinners, so that I might make Myself known as the Forgiver of Sins in that I granted them forgiveness. Oh Muhammad, You are My Beloved, as you are My servant. All Creation I have brought into being for your sake alone. Because of your nation’s sins, I have created My Mercy Oceans. Oh Muhammad, regard the high station of honor and dignity you have been granted, in that you are honored by an encounter with My Divine Beauty. I have granted you direct intercourse with My Divine Person, without interpreter or intermediary. Whoever is acceptable to you is also acceptable to Me, and he who refuses you, is refused by Me, too.’

    “Then He said, ‘Indeed, you will be the first of all the Prophets to enter Paradise, and no Prophet can enter it before you. Your nation will be the first nation to enter Paradise and no other nation will be admitted before they have gone in.’

    “After this He said, ‘Oh Muhammad, set not your hopes on any nation of mankind, for they have nothing at all. Let your hopes always be pinned on Me and let your converse be with Me, for to Me is your return. Do not become attached to this world in your heart, for I have not created you for this world.’

    “Then He Almighty said, ‘Oh Muhammad, of your nation I have forgiven one third for your sake; another third I will forgive on the Day of Judgment, so that the high regard and station you occupy in My Regard may become clear to all creation on the Day of Gathering, oh Muhammad.’

    “After this, the Almighty informed me of a great many weighty and important matters, but He denied me permission to divulge this knowledge to you.

    “It was made obligatory upon my nation to pray fifty times during one day and one night and to make ablutions for major impurity seven times, and to wash a defiled piece of clothing seven times. He commanded me to make these conditions known to my nation in His Name. I then replied, ‘Everyone who comes home from a journey, brings presents for those who remained at home; therefore, give me something to take back to my nation as a present.’ The Lord Almighty then said, ‘One of the gifts to your nation is this: as long as they reside in the world, I will be their Helper; I will protect them from disaster and calamity and I will grant success to their good actions. I will grant them various favors. When they pray to Me, I will accept their prayers, I will protect them from what they fear and I will grant them what they desire.

    “‘Another gift to your nation is this: When their lives come to an end, I will be their Helper. I will protect them from the wiles of Shaytan and I will give them tidings of Paradise and show them their stations within it. I will make it easy for them to draw their last breath and I will help them pass over into the Hereafter in safety.

    “‘Another gift to your nation is this: When they are placed within their graves, I shall be their only Helper. I will release them from the darkness and oppression of the grave; I will lighten their tombs and make them spacious and wide. I will assist them in answering the questions of the angels Munkar and Nakir and I will make their tombs to be as a Garden of Paradise.

    “‘Another gift to your nation is this: When they arise from their graves, I will be their sole Helper. I will raise them from their tombs and make them light of face and clothe them in garments from Paradise. I will help them mount upon their steeds and lead them to the site of the Gathering with an entourage of angels in a display of splendor and grace. I will spare them the terror of that Dire Day. I will lead them underneath your banner and give them to drink of the waters of the Pool of Kawthar. I will make them to be close associates and companions of the prophets, messengers, saints and martyrs and the righteous whom I have favored with a place beneath the shadow of My Divine Throne. After having been given many special favors from Paradise, their books of reckoning will be placed in their right hands, and their accounts will be made light and their scales of the balance made heavy for them. I will help them cross the Bridge of Sirat with lightness and ease and lead them into the highest gardens of Paradise in the Boundlessness of My Grace.’”

    May Allah Almighty gladden our hearts with these gifts, which He granted us all for the sake of His Holy Prophet Muhammad {s}, Amin! Oh Most Merciful of those who show Mercy!

    The Holy Prophet {S} continues:

    “The Lord then said to me, ‘Oh Muhammad, of all created beings, you are the one who has reached the highest honors. On the Day of Resurrection I will give you such great honors as will stupefy the whole world with wonderment. Oh Muhammad, do you wish to behold what I have prepared for your nation?’ I replied, ‘Oh Lord, I wish to see it, yes.’ He then said, ‘My trusted servant, the angel Jibra’il will show it to you.’

    “As soon as I returned from there, Rafraf came into view. I seated myself upon him and he carried me down. I descended as far as the Sidrat-al-Muntaha where I met with Jibra’il who said to me, ‘Good tidings to you, oh Muhammad {s}, for you have been chosen as the best of all Creation and the foremost of all Prophets and Messengers. The Lord Almighty has greeted and honored you as He has not honored any other created being, neither from among His Prophets or His Messengers, nor from among His Angels brought Nigh.’

    “Then Jibra’il said to me, ‘Come with me, for I am to show you Paradise.’”

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